life lately: 18

This week I'm talking about minimalism and sharing the podcasts I'm listening to. There was a moment at the vet which both broke my heart and made me really happy. I also held an angel baby after eating too much pasta. And, don't be afraid children, it's just my passport photo! 

life lately: 17

In this week's 'life lately' post, I talk about the winding road ahead and how 'the plan' could be changing. Again. I know. My dad's back from Afghanistan and so we had a tea party. Also Frank is a model and I've found a miracle skincare line. I've also found another all-natural deodorant to add to the list. Yippee. 

life lately: 16

In this week's 'life lately' post, I talk about Frank's celebrity dog status and feelings about Poppy no longer being my Welcome Committee. There's also my current read that is an updated book of poetry I already love. Also, I'm exhausted so this post may be dull. Sorry! BUT HEY I WENT TO SOUTH KOREA.