While I'm still lucky enough to be in one of my favourite cities in the world, my 'recharging rituals' have included listening to my favourite songs while trying to discover mews that I haven't wandered through yet.

life lately: 10

I'm back in London after a week and a half traipsing through Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris! Yay! I actually flew into Luton Airport for the first time upon return to London...and that was an experience.

life lately: 9

If these scheduled blogs go according to plan, this will post while I'm in Amsterdam with Kees after visiting Bastian in Berlin. Life is very real at the moment, but it's also real exciting. 

Chiswick House + Gardens

As soon as I rolled up to Turnham Green tube station, everything got very...still? It seemed like I had stepped back in time and was walking the streets of my former neighbourhoods in Stukley Meadows or Godmanchester, just like young Tara used to do.

life lately: 8

I missed last week's update because I was eagerly getting settled into life in London. I also was trying to get caught up with Cuba posts. There is a lot to fill you in on, so let's just dive into weekly ups and downs, shall we? There have been a lot of (+) ups!