Laos 2016 life outtakes

Life isn't always glamorous. Actually, it hardly ever is. It's not all international flights and fancy passport stamps. Sometimes it's blurry or dimly lit photos. Sometimes it's a Friday night spent eating curry while mosquitoes swarm your neck and legs. 

meet me in St. Louis...or don't...

Not every place I travel to or pass through steals my heart. I find myself lucky enough to get to go more places than most, but I admit I'm not the kind of 'travel blogger' who thinks everywhere she's ever visited or lived is somehow void of flaws.

a quick guide to the Wallowas

Hello, friends! For those of you following on Instagram, you know that I have just spent the last four days wandering from Seattle, Washington to the Wallowas in Oregon. After a long layover in Miami, I have made it back to South Carolina and am in desperate need of a shower and facial.

come what May

It's no secret that April and I don't have a good track record. Not at all. This April was, again, not my favourite month, if only for the simple fact that I was basically planning the rest of my year, trying to survive the heat, and, like, every planet was in retrograde {if you believe in that kind of thing}. 

7 reasons to visit the South right now

I've been in South Carolina since December. It is too hot {it's April and I have a serious tan}, but other than that, I've found myself in a desperate love affair. At times, I've even questioned whether I want to continue with my plans beginning in June. Here are 7 reasons why...