what to expect at Niagara Falls

I had very little idea of what to expect out of the little town of Niagara in Ontario. Luckily, I had an old friend who handled most everything, including my driving anxiety. Here's a guide, to help you plan a trip to the famous waterfalls. 

how to do NYC on a budget

New York holds a wee sentimental sliver of my heart. It was where I met up with an old friend after a rough couple of weeks. It was one of my domestic stops with a top group of friends before I spent months backpacking and volunteering. I heart New York, I think I really do.

7 'must-dos' in Athens, Greece

Athens was nothing like what I expected, but it felt like walking inside the pages of a history book. If you are limited on time, here are the top 7 things you must do if you ever find yourself in the City of Zeus. 

a guide to Arequipa, Peru

Arequipa, Peru proved to be more than just a stopover. This colorful city has plenty to do and the {second} best vegetable samosas I've ever eaten...or maybe we were just that hungry. 

a guide to temple etiquette

Nothing made {makes} me cringe harder than tourists who would enter temple grounds without being properly dressed or without care for temple ceremony. I made this guide compiling all my knowledge hoping it might be helpful for those making their way around Thailand, Laos, and the like.