Welcome to silly little kiwi, my personal travel website dedicated to slow, responsible, adventure travel.

I was born in the U.S., raised in England, and started this site in 2011 before studying abroad in New Zealand. Little did I know that little island at the bottom of the world would the place my heart calls home. On my continued travels around 6 continents of the world, I’ve learned invaluable lessons and had countless misadventures.

What started as a silly little diary slowly morphed into a space on the internet filled with travel tips, brunch guides, and stories from my suitcase. I realized I was documenting more than my travels; I was also documenting who I was becoming. As a matter of fact, most of the places I’ve been too I haven’t even written about on this blog.

My aim on this silly little site is to do more than show you all the best places for brunch and where to get the best photos. I’m focused on facilitating important discussions around responsible travel, ethical tourism, and the environmental impact of it all.

Silly Little Kiwi’s main mission is to inspire travelers to get out and see the beauty of this world with their own eyes in the most responsible way possible. I hope that Silly Little Kiwi will encourage travelers to dive deeper wherever they go— wandering off the beaten path, having more local experiences, and choosing more ethical and environmentally-conscious tour operators, accommodation options, and travel excursions.

Having traveled the majority of my time here on this big, blue planet, I feel it is imperative that there are spaces on the internet with clear, authentic voices that share not only the cutest places for coffee, but the gritty stories from the backstreets of every town you may not have even heard of.

Let’s create more meaningful experiences wherever we wander.

xx T