I'm Tara.

 I've always been a nomad.

  SLK documents the adventures I've had across 5 continents & who I've become along the way. 


I was born in the U.S., but New Zealand is the place my heart calls home. I like reading Pablo Neruda + Harry Potter, equally. I've watched the entire Sons of Anarchy series about 17 times through + am obsessed with all things Caroline de Maigret. I believe that connections to people {love} makes life worth living, + that's why I write often about the humans I meet on my many journeys . I'm passionate about human rights + the environment. When I am in one place for any elongated period of time, I'd bet I'm watching a documentary. 

The longer story

Born into a military family, we traveled around as often as we breathed. While living in Europe for nearly 7 years, I cultivated a deep love of travel. England was the first place that felt like it might be home +, admittedly, it was for a long while. It was living a life of constant movement while in Europe & the UK that cultivated my affection for travel. 

In Europe, I fell in love with adventure + living a life out of a suitcase. 

Heaps of passport stamps later, in 2011, I set out to study abroad in New Zealand. That's when I started this silly little blog. However, my 'travel blog' quickly became a silly little diary of sorts. One that not only documented what I was doing in the places that I was going, but the person I was becoming. Through writing and traveling in + around New Zealand, I gained my sense of self + the confidence to pursue a life traveling in whatever direction my heart felt pulled, following a path I'd have to carve out for myself. 

In New Zealand, I found my confidence, my soulmate + a place to call home.

I fell so in love with New Zealand {and a boy} that I went back in 2012 for Christmas...+ then again in 2013 to live for a year through 2014...+ then back again in 2015 for a month.

During a stint volunteering in Laos in 2015, the trajectory of my life changed completely. I always knew I wanted to help people + leave the world better than I found it, but I never knew how to use my strengths to do that. In a sticky, golden town of Luang Prabang, I helped bring educational opportunities to disadvantaged women + that's when it all clicked. 

In Laos, I found my purpose + acceptance of my own fragility. 

I continue to travel to this day, never without a boarding pass booked + my passport on hand. In my journeys across 5 continents, I've found my own voice rooted in traveling responsibly, having a local experience, + understanding the privileges that come with a passport. I don't want to just collect stamps or write for the sake of a social media following.  I want to experience the world + share my story-- all of it.

At lot has changed over the last 7 years since this blog's start: my personal style, my life philosophies, the way I see just about everything. But even after all I've seen and experienced, one thing remains:

I'm still just a silly little girl who likes to go places + share her silly little stories.