life lately: 16

In this week's 'life lately' post, I talk about Frank's celebrity dog status and feelings about Poppy no longer being my Welcome Committee. There's also my current read that is an updated book of poetry I already love. Also, I'm exhausted so this post may be dull. Sorry! BUT HEY I WENT TO SOUTH KOREA. 

on the horizon

I've just finished spending a day sitting in a teakwood boat as it glides over Inle Lake. The water meets the mountains of Myanmar somewhere, but I can only see a never-ending horizon from my spot. Every time I think we've reached the shoreline of the lake, something new pops up. A floating village. A pagoda hidden among trees. It reminds me of what life feels like, especially of the late. While the feeling of adventure is constant, the look of the horizon is changing every second.

life lately: 15

In this week's 'life lately', I am in Myanmar and haven't fallen in love with it...yet. I won another giveaway! So that's a sure sign of the apocalypse. Being offline has its drawbacks. 

no ordinary days

Yesterday felt like something out of the Jungle Book. A perfect Sunday filled with muddy feet and magic. I use that word a lot, aye? 'Magic.' But there is no other word I can think of in my limited vocabulary that does this place and these people and this life justice.