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about silly little kiwi

Silly Little Kiwi is a personal travel blog written and created by Tara Tadlock. Silly Little Kiwi {SLK for short} combines personal narrative with informative travel tips, destination guides, and stories from my suitcase. Tara’s goal since starting this blog in 2011 has always been to provide an authentic voice online and an honest depiction of every {mis}adventure. Eight years later, Tara continues to compile her love of writing, photography, and traveling on this silly little space.

For a rundown of her journeys across 5 continents, read all about Tara here.

What can Silly little kiwi offer your brand? 

As Silly Little Kiwi’s writer and content creator, I tap into my years of travel experience to create authentic, well-constructed travel and culture content that cuts through the smoke and mirrors on the internet. I am a world traveler, writer, editor, and content developer with a heavy interest in photography, and I use the skills that I’ve learned alongside my creative passions to create timeless travel guides with informative tips and to bring {often insightful} stories from my suitcase to life.

By working with Silly Little Kiwi, your business will widen its audience to thousands of readers and followers from over 80 countries worldwide.


Travel blogs are a source of inspiration and information for people of all ages. Instead of seeking out travel tips and advice from advertisements or TripAdvisor, people want to hear from a real person. 

My commitment to sustainable tourism and responsible, slow travel is something I pride myself on. It’s not a phase. For me, it’s not a trend, it’s a lifestyle I am continually learning more about.

On top of all of that…

…MY ever-growing audience trusts ME

Before Silly Little Kiwi was a travel blog, it was a diary of sorts. It is through this honest, vulnerable voice on the internet that I acquired an organic following who is fully invested in my travels and writing. They trust me because I’ve been honest and upfront about all of her experiences from the start.

With filters, comment pods, and photoshop, the internet has become a maze for readers to navigate. That’s why I endorse only those brands, causes, or companies I can stand behind. Silly Little Kiwi was a space which prides itself on its authentic voice and providing honest information about every destination, and truthful re-tellings of every {mis}adventure.

Heaps of Silly Little Kiwi readers have used the advice from my posts to book plane tickets, make reservations at hotels, and find the off-the-beaten path eateries I write about. Since 2016, when I first updated and rebranded this site, those readers have frequently pinned my articles and shared posts for later.

…I AM a thorough and experienced traveler

Born into a military family, I’ve traveled my entire life. On my journeys through 42 countries across 5 continents, I have gained a wealth of experience in foreign lands. I’ve proven that I’m not afraid to try new things and I always say “yes” to adrenaline rushes and ethical adventures. From navigating public transportation systems to trying local cuisines— I will give it a go.

In every new destination, it is my mission to experience a place as thoroughly as possible and understand the local culture and customs. Over the years, I’ve gotten good at discovering hidden gems and rubs elbows with the locals at favourite spots not in your guidebook.

I create in-depth guides to destinations, share my acquired travel tips, and highlight the best places to stay, yummiest food to try, and coolest experiences to have everywhere I go.

You can read about my travel philosophy here.

…I BELIEVE in quality over quantity

I believe that quality content beats thrown together posts— the more comprehensive a guide, the better. Readers want in-depth information about the places they are traveling to. My content is carefully planned out and edited with great attention to detail. By collaborating with me, you can expect high-quality written content, high-resolution photos, and thoughtful videos. All of my content is shared across my social media platforms, adding another layer of visibility for your brand.

How can you collaborate with silly little kiwi?

Here are some potential avenues for collaboration with Silly Little Kiwi:

Sponsored posts

Press trips


Silly Little Kiwi has worked as a brand Ambassador for Backstreet Academy, and Glossier.

accommodation, restaurant, + attraction reviews

Silly Little Kiwi often writes honest reviews of travel experiences, tours, attractions, hotels and restaurants, has had successful partnerships with DoubleTree by Hilton, Qbic Hotels, Tamarind Cooking School, Burasari Heritage Spa, Luang Prabang Yoga, Sea Trek Vietnam, and Living Land Farm.

Product reviews

Social media promotion

Social media takeovers

Silly Little Kiwi has had successful social media takeovers with multiple accounts across a variety of platforms. Most recently, SLK completed as Insta-story takeover with Travel Dream Seekers showcasing her time in Nanjing, China.

Think we'd hit it off? Let's make magic! 

If you'd like to see my full media kit, just shoot me an e-mail TARA@SILLYLITTLEKIWI.COM

I am also available for hire as a freelance writer, copywriter, editor, or content creator. Check out my bylines and portfolio here.