What's my travel 'philosophy'? 

I try to keep it simple. 

I believe that travel should be seen as a privilege. Having a passport and enough cash to pay for your adventure is a lot more than most. 

I believe that you should make the most of every destination by putting on a good attitude and being open to new experiences. 

I believe that you should always try the local cuisine in a hole-in-the-wall establishment at least once on every trip. Bonus points if you go without a camera. 

I believe that you've never truly marked a country off your list. There is always something you've missed. Always something left to discover. 

I believe that the slower you travel the more you'll understand the culture, customs, and people of a place-- which will ultimately culminate in a richer experience. 

I believe that every place you go will have disappointments. There will be annoying tourists talking loudly at a temple, or you'll get ripped off by a cab driver leaving you a bit jaded. Take the good with the bad. 

I believe that you shouldn't be afraid to go anywhere, but that awareness is key. 

I believe that you should assimilate to the culture you are enveloped in and be respectful of local traditions. 

I believe that traveling will show you how resourceful, strong-willed, and brave you are.