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renting a motorbike in Laos: questions to ask + things to consider

Wind in your hair. Dust on your face. Sun at your back. Freedom as far as the road extends. That’s the beauty of a motorbike. Renting one is popular with tourists, but there are many things they should consider before they hop on two wheels for a joy ride through a beautiful country like Laos.

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the big guide to Bangkok: where to stay, where to eat, and what to do in Thailand's capital

After years of bouncing around Bangkok on self-guided visits, long layovers, and group tours…I’ve finally put together a comprehensive guide I’m proud of. While it’s no secret every trip to Bangkok has been riddled with bad luck for me, looking back at these photos also made me realize…I’ve had so many fun memories in the capital city. It might have suffered the fate of the tourist boom {i.e. a Starbucks, H&M, and McDonald’s on every corner}, but it’s also got lots to see and do, great food, and alluring temples.

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how to spend the trendiest 24 hours in London on a budget

It's no secret that London is expensive. Luckily, like other big cities, it offers a lot of affordable and free ways to make the most of a visit if you're willing to be flexible and do your research ahead of time.

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