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how to travel responsibly in Budapest: locally-led tours, social enterprise cafés, + what you can’t miss in Hungary’s capital

While Budapest tourism has risen steadily in recent years thanks to music festivals and its low price tag, the city has also seen a major influx in boozy bachelor parties. These visiting groups often stick to ruin pubs and, while I’m sure they have a great time, they miss out on all the other outstanding things Budapest has to offer. This post serves as a guide to the more responsible {though equally as fun} things to do, places to eat, and cultural sites in Hungary’s capital.

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where to find the best street art + alternative ruin pubs in Budapest: a locally-led tour with BudapestFlow

BudapestFlow is a website and tour company run by Attila, a local of Budapest who wants his city to be known for more than just bachelor parties and stag dos. Touring with Attila through the Jewish Quarter revealed surprise after surprise and gave context to all the beautiful things I had been passing by without much thought. In this way, Attila has masterfully combined history, street murals, and a facilitated conversation around gentrification.

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