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a veggie food guide to Marrakech: where to find the best vegetarian + vegan food in Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech was where my culinary choices widened considerably in Morocco, and I was able to hunt down some modern takes on Moroccan meals with different flavours and more variety. I’ve put together this little guide of veggie food spots in Marrakech to help my fellow vegetarians and vegans find a few more dining options so that you can all enjoy the fun food culture that awaits you in this colourful city.

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an expat's guide to non-Lao food in Luang Prabang

I’m all for eating the local cuisine. For one thing, it’s delicious and a door to deeper cultural understanding. Finally, it’s much cheaper! Where you might pay USD $5 for falafel pita here, you’ll pay USD $1.66 for a heaping plate of yellow noodles with veggies and chilis. However, when you live or stay anywhere long enough you need a little variety. This post promises to provide a comprehensive list of eateries where you can get your non-Lao food fix!

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