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the most quirky, Instagram-worthy eateries in Nanjing, China

Looking for restaurants in Nanjing with beautiful interiors, fun themes, and good atmospheres? I gotchu. Thanks to a combination of writing for The Nanjinger and spending 10-months in constant search for inspiration, I’ve compiled a post of the most ‘gram-worthy eateries in Nanjing.

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Bao'en Temple in Nanjing, China: what you need to know before you visit

Bao’en Temple was by far my favourite temple I visited while living in mainland China. And, by all accounts, it was the most unusual. I arrived on a breezy spring day and while there were two school tour groups visiting at the same time, the place felt nearly empty; a rarity in China. The entrance fee wasn’t outrageous and the history mixed with strange statue homages to Hans Christian Andersen made Bao’en as odd as it did beautiful to me.

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