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Wat Samphran: how to get to the "dragon temple” + what to know before you visit

Wat Samphran in Bangkok, commonly referred to as “the Dragon Temple”, stands out amongst the many other temples in the Thai capital. However, unlike those many other temples, Wat Samphran is a pain in the ass to get to. In this guide, I give you all the info you need before making the journey to Wat Samphran, and a little insight into its reality.

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Bao'en Temple in Nanjing, China: what you need to know before you visit

Bao’en Temple was by far my favourite temple I visited while living in mainland China. And, by all accounts, it was the most unusual. I arrived on a breezy spring day and while there were two school tour groups visiting at the same time, the place felt nearly empty; a rarity in China. The entrance fee wasn’t outrageous and the history mixed with strange statue homages to Hans Christian Andersen made Bao’en as odd as it did beautiful to me.

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