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29 // the state of the union address

I did something the other day that I kind of couldn’t believe I did. I was sort of hovering above my body watching myself call someone out on his bullshit. Observing myself do this, an inner voice was nodding and smiling. “There she is. Truth-teller T.” In that moment, I had seemingly shed the quiet and calm, polite and poised skin I had been wearing. Exposed instead was a boundary-setting, bold and brazen self. One that stood in reverence of her deepest feelings. One who felt a magical clicking into place. Like, yes, we’re here.

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28 // the state of the union

The night before my birthday, right after Tavener continued the birthday-eve ice cream tradition, I had a bit of a panic attack. I felt far away from New Zealand, the place that feels most like home. I felt far away from my friends. I began to think about time and distance and changes and the fragility of life and regrets and the future and it just felt a bit...heavy?!? But then, I arrived back in Laos. I took a dip in the pool and drank a mojito. I sat in my white robe and I got ready for a dinner with friends and I just thought to myself, "You live a good life, T." Even when it's hard or chaotic."  

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