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November in New Zealand: a photo diary from my most recent trip 'home'

I’m currently going through the archives of New Zealand posts, re-vamping guide to Auckland, Wellington, and a road trip through the South Island {as well as re-vamping Myanmar posts and South America posts, per your Instagram requests}, and it’s given me such a warm heart to see how this blog space has changed, grown, and improved. But, it’s also reaffirmed for me that I will never not want there to be some personal touches on this space. So, I’ve created this little photo diary from my most recent North Island return.

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hiking Mount Maunganui: when to go, what to pack, + what to expect

Mount Maunganui is a hike I’ve heard people talk about for ages. While I was living in Auckland particularly, people would always recommend I make the trip to Tauranga to do the walk and peep the view from the top. I simply never made the trip or had the time. It wasn’t that far up my priority list. Luckily for me, a day of good weather and no work brought together a few of my favourite humans for a trip to the Mount to mark it off all our lists!

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