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how responsible tourism can help support minority communities in northern Laos

Laos is home to an estimated 42 ethnic minority communities. Most travelers get glimpses of Khmu, Hmong, and Lao Lum culture, but very rarely do people journey up north where the Akha, Oma, and Lanten people live. During my trip to Luang Namtha Province with Luang Namtha Tourism, I was given the unique opportunity to learn more about these ethnic minority cultures in Laos in an initiative with the tourism board to broaden the economic opportunities of these communities through the tourism industry.

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kayaking the Nam Ha River in Laos: why you cannot miss this northern adventure

If you’re into travel adventures that combine local knowledge, community-based tourism initiatives, and physical activity, and rugged nature— kayaking the Nam Ha River in northern Laos is the next destination you should put on your itinerary.

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