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an Instagram guide to Hong Kong: 18 of the coolest photo spots in Hong Kong + a map to get you there

It’s true. The architecture of the city lends itself fully to the hard-line, concrete-crazed aesthetics urban photographers pine for. However, it’s not all residential basketball courts and contemporary views in HK. Oh, not at all. Hong Kong offers something for everyone to visually feast on.

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the best views of Ha Long Bay: how to get epic views by hiking Bai Tho Mountain

Like many Instagram hotspots, the final product photo from Bai Tho tells a story far from the reality of getting your ass up the mountain. It’s quite a straight forward hike, but it’s also closed to the public, making it a sneaky thing to do as well as a bit dangerous.

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Instagram realities: the stories behind 5 of my most liked + most asked about photos on Instagram

Instagram is not reality. It’s a highly curated social media platform with heavy emphasis on branding and aesthetic. We all know this to be true but, for whatever reason, there is still so much pressure for everyone to get the perfect picture. I think Instagram becomes fully dangerous when we compare our every day lives to the highlight reels of others. My Instagram guides are some of my most read blogs, and I love putting them together. But, and it is a large but, I don’t ever want people thinking it’s all easy breezy and that bad things never happening and that life is all glamour all the time.

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