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a photo diary of September in New Zealand: home with whānau

Here I am. Piecing together words and pictures {both DSLR and iPhone snaps} from more time in this most precious of places. And here it is. The bits I feel like sharing anyway. I took nearly 1,000 photos and now have endless video files on my phone from Tara in a gin-induced state laughing at vacation photos, but I always like to put together a little photo diary of my favourite. If for no one but me.

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Year of the Dog: inside one of Seoul's infamous animal cafes

How fitting is it that on my first night back in Seoul, which was the first day of the new Lunar year, Kirst and I went to a dog cafe in Hongdae?! 

Answer: very fitting. Especially since this year is the year of the dog. The Earth dog, to be more specific. 

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the love my love of travel brought me

This year, I started writing and realized that, without meaning to, I was writing about platonic love. I felt really excited by that because platonic love seems unofficially deemed less important than romantic love. But I think both make life worth living. Both are significant and both can be life-changing. 

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I made the American pilgrimage: what to know about Central Perk in Shanghai

Sometimes, I'm reminded of the parts of America that feel familiar to me. Little things like baseball caps or hearing people ask questions in the office about Native Americans. Things like seeing Brooklyn Brewery's green bottled beers in a bagel shop. 

Things like the T.V. phenomenon that was Friends. 

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good bye Lenin: an essay on my time in Berlin

I've never regretted seeing someplace twice over going someplace new because it's almost always done by me for a person/people I love {New Zealand, London, Laos, etc.}, and I knew there was so much of Berlin I still hadn't experienced. So I went back to Germany for the first time in a long time to see a family I love very much. 

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