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a day trip from Prague to Kutná Hora + the Bone Church: what to do, where to eat, + is it worth a visit?

Kutná Hora is a city located in the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic that is frequented by tourists. Despite the number of people who trek out to the UNESCO town, it’s quiet and easy to see everything in half a day if you’re ambitious {a little longer if you move slower}. With delicious bistros and interesting churches, Kutná Hora is a town just a 1-hour train trip outside of Prague.

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an alternative Instagram guide to London: where most people go for pics + where to head instead

There are staple Instagram spots in every destination; stunning landmarks, cafés with perfected interiors, and signature street art. But, I’ll be the first to admit, it means there is a lot of “sameness” on the internet. Today, I’m sharing some alternative spots in London for photos that are less crowded, less visited, and less Instagram-famous.

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