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the hardest part of traveling full-time + what helps me overcome it

Traveling full-time isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes it’s the worst. But, I’m not going to moan about my life. I love traveling and I feel overwhelmingly lucky to have seen all that I have in such depth. Rather than complain about what is ultimately an extreme privilege, I figured I’d just lay out what the hardest part of traveling is and how I do my best to rise above it. The hardest part of traveling full-time for me is being away from the people I love.

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the SLK Christmas wishlist: travel gear + goodies for 2019

The holidays are here people and man, oh man, have they not come at the perfect time! I desperately need to refresh and update my travel gear before the new year filled with boarding passes and bookings kicks off! QUEUE THE BLOG!

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a Cham Island excursion with Sea Trek Vietnam

My new friend, Rose, of Where Goes Rose, and I were invited by Sea Trek Vietnam {after she kindly mentioned that I had a blog, because friendship} to spend a day exploring the beautiful Cham Islands by walking on the ocean floor, indulging in a lunch buffet, and soaking up the sun. In this post, I'll explain what a day trip with Sea Trek Vietnam includes, how it works, and if it's worth your time and money. 

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