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my birthday wishlist: the ethical items + travel gear this birthday girl is lusting after

It’s my birthday in exactly one month. This past winter, I put together a wishlist for Christmas, and my loved ones actually said it helped them pick out ethically made, eco-friendly items and travel gear to gift me, as well as introducing them to brands they hadn’t yet heard of— talk about wins all around.

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28 // the state of the union

The night before my birthday, right after Tavener continued the birthday-eve ice cream tradition, I had a bit of a panic attack. I felt far away from New Zealand, the place that feels most like home. I felt far away from my friends. I began to think about time and distance and changes and the fragility of life and regrets and the future and it just felt a bit...heavy?!? But then, I arrived back in Laos. I took a dip in the pool and drank a mojito. I sat in my white robe and I got ready for a dinner with friends and I just thought to myself, "You live a good life, T." Even when it's hard or chaotic."  

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27 things I've learned from 27 years of travel

As a woman who's lost track of how many countries she's been to {close to 40?! I don't know}, all of those journeys would be worthless without lessons learned from every boarding pass, right? So here is some pre-birthday knowledge from a woman who was raised moving and continues to live in a constant state of motion.  

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