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learning about Laos through art: handicraft workshops with Backstreet Academy

Laos is ethnically diverse and has a rich cultural heritage that truly stands out. So much can be learned about a culture through the art its people create. The 49 ethnic groups that make up Laos all have varying ways of weaving, sculpting, and cooking. I felt extremely lucky that I got to learn about Lao culture through handicraft workshops— the work it takes, the precision and the craft.

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from farm to table: a tour of Living Land Farm with Backstreet Academy

Have you ever wondered where your food comes from? Maybe you make the effort to buy organic fruits and pesticide-free vegetables? But what about your rice? Do you know where it comes from? I didn’t. More than that, I didn’t know how much work it was to grow it, harvest it, and get it on my plate.

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playing with fire: Backstreet Academy's Hmong vegetarian cooking class

Waking up early is easy for me, but it’s made even easier knowing I have a local guide courtesy of Backstreet Academy waiting to whisk me off in an electric tuk-tuk to a village in order to learn how to cook traditional Hmong vegetarian dishes.

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