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Instagrammable Hamilton: surprising street art in Hamilton, New Zealand + where to find it

When you get to spend an extended amount of time exploring a new city, you tend to find secrets of a city and why it deserves more credit than it gets. Hamilton is filled with trendy cafes, green parks, and colourful street art! This post will help you find the artsy side of the city’s side streets and alleyways.

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a café guide to Hamilton, New Zealand: where to grab a coffee + brunch in "The Tron"

While in Hamilton, I found myself writing a lot in cafes, surprised by how many of them exist. I was also surprised by the vegan food scene that exists {though, I didn’t take full advantage as I was happily trying out my domestic skills in Tash’s kitchen whenever I could}. Here are my favourite cafes in “The Tron”!

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