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the most quirky, Instagram-worthy eateries in Nanjing, China

Looking for restaurants in Nanjing with beautiful interiors, fun themes, and good atmospheres? I gotchu. Thanks to a combination of writing for The Nanjinger and spending 10-months in constant search for inspiration, I’ve compiled a post of the most ‘gram-worthy eateries in Nanjing.

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Bao'en Temple in Nanjing, China: what you need to know before you visit

Bao’en Temple was by far my favourite temple I visited while living in mainland China. And, by all accounts, it was the most unusual. I arrived on a breezy spring day and while there were two school tour groups visiting at the same time, the place felt nearly empty; a rarity in China. The entrance fee wasn’t outrageous and the history mixed with strange statue homages to Hans Christian Andersen made Bao’en as odd as it did beautiful to me.

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what to expect at the Confucian Temple in Nanjing, China

Temple experiences in China have been the complete opposite to temple experiences in Laos and quite different from those I've visited in Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Now a veteran of Chinese temple visits, I've compiled this guide so that your expectations can be set appropriately for the Confucian Temple in Nanjing.

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the best cafés in Nanjing, China

Cafes often provide unique places to grab delicious food in a space I feel happy to curl up in. I have mentioned that, while not nearly as wonderful or as easy to find as the coffee culture that exists in Australia or New Zealand, there are cafes worth visiting in Nanjing.

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I made the American pilgrimage: what to know about Central Perk in Shanghai

Sometimes, I'm reminded of the parts of America that feel familiar to me. Little things like baseball caps or hearing people ask questions in the office about Native Americans. Things like seeing Brooklyn Brewery's green bottled beers in a bagel shop. 

Things like the T.V. phenomenon that was Friends. 

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what to know before a trip to the Ming Tombs

China has really been showing off lately. Full autumn foliage and sunny afternoons have lent themselves to adventures with my gang of fierce female friends. The four of us {Vanessa, Katie, Amy, and I} decided to take full advantage of the beautiful weather by visiting the Ming Tombs in Zhongshan Mountain National Park. 

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