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where to find Bill Murray in Charleston: my unofficial guide to stalking the legend in South Carolina

After spending six months falling in love with Charleston, I learned that all about Bill Murray's favourite places and made notes when friends spotted him around the city. I made an itinerary to see the city through the eyes of Bill {first name basis}. 

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I made the American pilgrimage: what to know about Central Perk in Shanghai

Sometimes, I'm reminded of the parts of America that feel familiar to me. Little things like baseball caps or hearing people ask questions in the office about Native Americans. Things like seeing Brooklyn Brewery's green bottled beers in a bagel shop. 

Things like the T.V. phenomenon that was Friends. 

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what to see + do South of the River Thames

North of the river Thames you have classics like Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park, Camden Town's alt scene, dreamy Notting Hill, cafes and musicals dotted across Soho, and the epitome of British sophistication that is Kensington and Chelsea. But don't count Southbank out! I'm a fan of the underdog, even if it can't quite compare. 

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what to know before a trip to the Ming Tombs

China has really been showing off lately. Full autumn foliage and sunny afternoons have lent themselves to adventures with my gang of fierce female friends. The four of us {Vanessa, Katie, Amy, and I} decided to take full advantage of the beautiful weather by visiting the Ming Tombs in Zhongshan Mountain National Park. 

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