10 of the best things to do in Seville, Spain

Seville was the Spanish experience I had been missing. Sure Barcelona has beautiful beaches and Gaudi architecture. Madrid has some pretty views too. The sun was shining during my stay in Salamanca.

But Seville won me over in a matter of seconds.

I only spent 4 days in the city, and it was not nearly enough for me. There is so much to see + do {+ eat} in the sunshine capital of Europe. It was easy for me to see the appeal of Seville for tourists flocking to the southern Spanish city. In this post, I’ve compiled my list of the very best things to see and do in Seville for those looking to make the most of the city, and maybe see something a little further off the tourist trail.

here are 10 things to do in seville, spain

10 things to do in Seville, Spain

visit the Real Alcazar

Was it pricey? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. Even with the crowds, which has been at an all-time high thanks to the Alcazar being one of the many filming locations for Game of Thrones, it’s worth the admission cost to see the beautiful tilework, stunning reflective pools, and magnificent gardens. This home was built for King Peter of Castile on the site of a former Moorish fortress. The intricate details of the alcazar will beckon you to take out your camera and spend the morning snapping photos of the dazzling decor.

You can buy tickets online in advance, which will save you having to stand in a long queue. However, if you’re willing to arrive 20-30 minutes prior to opening, you’ll likely be one of the first people inside and won’t have to fight with as many people. You can also hire a certified tour guide,

ADMISSION: free on Monday from , €12.50


attend a Flamenco show

Flamenco dancing, which is pronounced with a c and not like flaminGO birds, is an essential part of Spanish culture that is said to have originated in Seville. I don’t speak Spanish, but the music’s emotional content shown right through.

Casa de la Memoria and La Casa del Flamenco both came highly recommended by my Devour tour guide, David. However, there is a free flamenco show at La Carboneria in Seville that I opted to see rather than pay pretty pennies. There are no videos or photos allowed at this venue. You can grab food and drinks from the bar to make up for the free entertainment or purchase a CD of the flamenco performers’ music.


SHOWTIME: the free show starts at 9:30 PM, but you will want get there a minimum of 30 minutes early to get a seat.

10 things to do in Seville, Spain

stroll through Plaza de España

Star Wars fans will know this famous plaza from the Attack of the Clones movie, but even if you aren’t a Luke Skywalker groupie, you’ll want to add this stop on your itinerary. Plaza de España is located inside Maria Luisa Park, but it’s impossible to miss thanks to the colourful ceramic tiles that cover the handrails, ceilings, and walls of the plaza. There are even tiles fixed together as maps of different regions of Spain.


OPENING HOURS: open 24 hours

spend a morning at La Casa de Pilatos

La Casa de Pilatos is a hidden palace that was built during the 15th and 16th centuries. Like the real Alcazar, this palace is filled with delicate tile detailing and gorgeous ceramic work. While it doesn’t get as busy as the Alcazar, getting here early means your lighting for pictures will be better and will mean you have fewer people to deal share the place with.



10 things to do in Seville, Spain
10 things to do in Seville, Spain

grab secret nun-made desserts

The nuns at Convento de San Leandro make a famous dessert with egg yolks, lemon, and sugar that is super sweet and clouded in mystery. To get the desserts, you’ll have to arrive at the yemas window, ring a bell, order by speaking to a wall that a nun is standing on the other side of, and place your money on a rotating window. As you spin it around, a wooden box filled with yemas will show up and your money will disappear. I didn’t actually love the yemas, but it was an experience that Richard Ayoade highlighted on {you guessed it, my fave} 48 Hour Travel Man’s Seville episode.

COST: €8 for .5kgs {the smallest allotment}


head to triana

I cannot speak highly enough about this neighbourhood in Seville. Triana’s rich history and strong cultural identity is in and of itself a reason to visit, but throw in the number of locally-owned tapas bars and a total lack of tourists and you have a winning spot for a fantastic afternoon.


OPENING HOURS: open 24 hours

10 things to do in Seville, Spain

visit the Seville Cathedral

Seville Cathedral is located near the colourful Bairro Santa Cruz {which is well-worth a visit in its own right!} and is a fantastic example of gothic and baroque architecture that is prominent in cathedrals throughout Spain. I was told that this is the third largest cathedral in the entire country, though I haven’t found anything to confirm this. You can visit the inside for free, though you can’t walk around the entire cathedral unless you pay a steep admission fee. It’s suggested that you hire a certified tour guide to explain everything you’ll be looking at, but that’s another cost your wallet will have to take on.

ADMISSION: free unless you hire a tour guide

OPENING HOURS: 8 AM- 2 PM, 4 PM- 7 PM daily

take a responsible tapas tour with devour seville

Food tours have quickly become one of my favourite activities in a new destination. There is so much to learn about a people and their culture from the local cuisine. Devour Seville hosts a bevvy of tours that are community-minded and aim to connect tourists with local culture through food. I highly recommend the tapas tour, which you can read about here.

COST: €69 per person

10 things to do in Seville, Spain

take a sunset stroll at the top of Metropol Parasol

Metropol Parasol, the self-proclaimed largest wooden structure in the world, rises above the Seville skyline to offer visitors the perfect place to soak up a sunset. Locals have mixed feelings about the installation’s appearance, since the wooden mushroom-like image stands in bold contrast to the gothic and baroque architecture the city is known for.

I visited the underneath of the parasol during the day, but opted to visit the top at night when the sun wasn’t so harsh and the heat wasn’t as extreme— a suggestion I’d pass along to you!


OPENING HOURS: 9:30 AM- 11PM Sunday through Thursday, 9:30 AM - 11:30 PM Fridays and Saturdays

catch views at torre del oro

The Torro del Oro, which means Tower of Gold, is free to view. If you would like to climb up to the top, you’ll have to pay an admission fee. This cost also allows you entrance to the naval museum, since the tower was once a military watchpoint.

ADMISSION: €8, free on Mondays

OPENING HOURS: 9:30 AM - 6:45 PM weekdays, 10:30 AM- 6:45 PM weekends


NEED HELP GETTING AROUND? I’ve gotcha covered!

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10 things to do in Seville, Spain
10 things to do in Seville, Spain