where to find the best vegetarian food in Hanoi, Vietnam

Vegetarians and vegans won’t go hungry in Hanoi thanks to the city being filled with damn good, affordable food. Like the many other destinations I’ve had the privilege of visiting in Vietnam, the food in Hanoi is overwhelming good. While the food is delicious, the veggie restaurant scene isn’t as booming in Hanoi as it is in Hoi An. That’s why I’ve put together a list of my favourite veggie food spots for those visiting Hanoi looking for the right place to grab a meal— to make it easy for ya!

here are my favourite veggie-friendly spots in hanoi

Bún trôn chay from Noodle + Roll

Bún trôn chay from Noodle + Roll


Bún trôn chay was the meal I ordered for my inaugural visit to Noodle + Roll in the heart of the Old Quarter. I headed there one chilly night at the suggestion of Kelsey of Miles of Smiles. I ate at the end of a wooden table listening to a podcast lapping up the vegetarian vermicelli noodles with vegetables, deep fried tofu, bean sprouts, spring onion, and peanuts. The portions here are heaping, especially given I paid less than USD $2 for my massive helping. Trust me, this photo does not do the size of the plate justice. This might have been my favourite vegan meal I ate in Hanoi— so much so I ate here multiple times.



This stop came as a recommendation of Lola of Miss Filatelista. UU Dam is a fully vegan restaurant that serves some delicious foods for a yum lunch or dinner. The menu is innovative and diverse. The prices at UU Dam were quite high. However, I do believe that UU Dam is great for vegans, since the menu is fully inclusive, but it just didn’t feel as warm and exciting as other veggie restaurants in the city I’ve eaten at. I tried the “Mexican Tacos” {which are actually quesadillas} served with vegan sour cream and yummy salsa, and felt full and happy. I adored the design details of the interior, which I felt added to the overall atmosphere.



Maison de Tet Decor, which will also be in my café guide to Hanoi, resides near the French Quarter in a beautiful three-story building that plays a mix of pop and folk music and includes a garden area and balcony seating. My meal with a beverage came to a whopping 220,000 VND {roughly USD $10}, which is way, way more than I typically spend on a single meal, especially in a country as affordable as Vietnam. Despite the higher price, I adored Maison de Tet Decor. With a strong ethos rooted in food being fuel for the body and a responsible initiative to employee and aid women who have left sexual exploitation, Maison de Tet Decor is a place I felt proud to spend my money on a meal.



The Westlake area of Hanoi, notorious as an expat community, is home to Hanoi Taco Bar. Hanoi Taco Bar is filled with vegetarian options and lakeside seating. The inside of the eatery had a festive soundtrack, a fully stocked tequila bar, and a really, really good looking bartender from Argentina {all you single ladies, you’re welcome}. I had the guacamole and nachos and the vegetarian tacos. I couldn’t for the life of me finish my meal, even though it was truly delicious.

Alternatively, just around the block is Salt ‘n’ Lime, another Mexican eatery that has good reviews. I cannot recommend it simply because I haven’t eaten there myself, but others I have talked to give it two big thumbs up!



While Vietnamese food is undoubtedly delicious and diverse, you might want to mix it up if you’re in Hanoi for an elongated period of time. If this is the case, I suggest you grab a curry and a naan from Khazaana 1992 Indian Restaurant. The small Indian restaurant has free WiFi, hospitable staff, and an entire menu section dedicated to vegetarian-friendly fare. Try the Aloo Gobi Mattar Dry with the Garlic naan if you like spice. Prices are very reasonable and portions are large, so go hungry!



I ventured to Luk Lak on the first night of my most recent trip to Hanoi. The beautiful restaurant is near Hoan Kiem Lake, and while the food is delicious the service is absolute shit. “Poor service” is a common thread in all the reviews I read online, and it held true. However, the fresh vegan spring rolls with mint dipping sauce were to die for and them, combined with the pretty interior setting, made up for the terribly inattentive staff. Prices are a bit inflated for Vietnamese food {since local food is wonderfully inexpensive}, but it’s worth the slight increase in cost for the quality food you get. Luk Lak is a great place for a night out with friends or a date night if you go knowing into it the wait staff aren’t going to mind you much.


Need help finding these food spots? Don’t worry! I’ve pinned them on the map below!


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