Nanjing's double-decker bus tour: how to see Nanjing on a budget

Nanjing has a double-decker bus that tours around the entire city for less than USD $5. 

You've read that correctly. 

Nanjing has a double-decker bus sightseeing tour, not unlike those you find herding tourists around London. You've probably never heard of it. Two reasons: it only just recently opened for business...and marketing for the tours is practically non-existent. 

Lucky for you, this post contains all the details regarding Nanjing's red bus routes. 


all about tickets

You can purchase your tickets for the tour on the bus. Tickets can be purchased with cash or mobile pay {AliPay or WeChat wallet} for 30RMB {USD $4.37 at time of publishing}. Children can acquire a ticket for free with an adult. Tickets are valid for 1 day {24 hours} and allow you to hop on and off the bus at any of the designated stops along its route. 


all about the bus

The bus tour runs on two lines; old Nanjing {line 1} and new Nanjing {line 2}. Buses run only in one direction, leaving from one side of the road. The easiest way to find the bus stop nearest to you is to have a Chinese friend call ahead of time via 025-83211706. Once on the bus, you can hop on and off as much as you like over the course of the day. There is an estimated 20-30 minute wait in between buses, so make sure to take that into account if you check out one of the en route attractions. 

Line 1 includes: Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s Mausoleum, Crescent Lake Park, Gulou Park, Jiming Temple, Ming Imperial Palace, Presidential Palace, Nanjing Musuem, and the Ming Tombs.

Line 2 includes: Yuhuatai Revolutionary Memorial, Hexi Shopping Plaza, Nanjing Massacre Memorial, Porcelain Tower {Bao'en Temple}, Presidential Palace, Confucius Temple, Mochou Lake Park, Bai Lu Zhou Park, Yuhuatai Revolutionary Memorial, and Zhonghua Gate. 



Your bus tour ticket also gets you a free set of headphones that plug into the seat-back in front of you, giving you a guided audio tour of the history behind the sights. There are eight language options to choose from, including English! All of the buses on the tour are air-conditioned, which is a total necessity for those 40C degree Nanjing summer days {like the day Renee and I went on our excursion}. Unfortunately, there is no food or drink sold on board the bus, so bring your own snacks to keep you going. 


Making use of this new tourist transport in Nanjing is a great and affordable way to see all the main attractions of the city while learning about their history. I highly recommend those who are new to the city or on a visit take advantage! 


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