the flightless bird, back in flight


Silly Little Kiwi doesn't refer to the fruit, though they are delicious. It's a reference to 7 years ago when I set off on a plane to New Zealand and blogging became my way of expressing it all. It's ironic since a Kiwi bird is actually flightless and yet I find myself constantly with a boarding pass in one hand and my notebook in another. And as silly as it sounds, this silly little space is making a return. You're not surprised at all though, right? 

I wrote in a post a few months ago {which you can read here} how I'd given up on blogging and hoped I'd find my way back someday. How I was through with the numbers games and the online over-sharing that has become overwhelmingly cliche. I wrote about how the cliche ultimately led me to a rut in creativity, where I felt sort of blasé about all of it. 

And I still mean all of that. 

Initially, as I turned off the blog and plugged myself into new projects I found that I didn't miss it at all. The access people had to my life, to my history-- I felt that close and in some way, I gave myself more room to write the stuff I wanted. 

I began working for a print magazine here in Nanjing with a small but creative office where ideas and quirky takes on news and personal narrative are encouraged. It's like workshopping-- everyone puts ideas out there and they get edited and worked through and picked apart until the final product has been a real learning experience.

I love my job with the Nanjinger. I love it so much that I realized a few months into that work that writing is not just something I love or feel my identity is tethered to, but something I might actually be decent at. 

During my next travel stint, I wanted to find ways to continue the flow of creativity that working with the Nanjinger provides so steadily. In order to do that, I needed a portfolio of work and instantly my heart kind of pinged.

The blog. 

So here I am. My blog back up with a new layout, ready to act as my "portfolio of work." This thing and I just can't quit, huh? We're still working on the layout and archiving personal posts so that they're a little more...protected...from those eyes who read to then rip into without actually knowing all the details {or me}.

The last few months have seen an enormous amount of change and plane ticket purchases. I'll be sharing my plethora of writing from Southeast Asia and South America, the drafted posts from Europe that have yet to be published, and A LOT about China while I'm traveling around the giant country. I'll be sharing fewer personal narratives, though the stories from my suitcase will continue. I'll also be sharing the things I learn and the information I gather from the travels I'm currently undertaking. Whoop Yay Boomcha! 

The flightless bird {who was actually only grounded for a few months...}, is back in flight. See you in the skies, guys!