hotel highlight: Analog 76 in Gangneung, South Korea

While in South Korea, a large chunk of my time was spent at the 2018 Winter Olympics' Ice Venue in Gangneung. Part of planning the perfect trip anywhere is finding the right place to stay. But finding the right place to stay during a massive event that draws in tourists from every corner of the globe that's in a prime location for an affordable price can be extremely tricky.

Thanks to Airbnb, our group slept in the hip and home-y Analog 76, complete with a jacuzzi in the living room and just minutes away from the Hockey Center! 

Here's the scoop...



Analog 76 is ideally located a short bike ride {or walk} from Gyeongpo Beach and a short taxi ride from the Olympic Ice Venue. This made it the ideal spot for our group's need. 

From the Gangneung KTX Station, you'll need to catch a cab. It's easier if the address is translated into Korean, but even with a full Korean address, be warned that the location marked on Google Maps is inaccurate. It's helpful to know that if you pass the Gramophone and Edison Science Museums on the left of the road you've gone too far. By the end of our time in Gangneung, we figured it out the tricky navigation but be prepared for frustration particularly after dark. 

photo by  @kirstie_hall

photo by @kirstie_hall



Analog 76 really rolls out the red carpet for its guest. Hairdryers, towels, a full kitchen, fast + free WiFi, and plenty of room for all your friends...we all wished we weren't so busy with Olympic events so that we could have taken fuller advantage of the space. I mean, this place has a sink and vanity upstairs in the loft space with the second bed {awesome for multiple people getting ready for the day's adventures all at once}.  There's also a jacuzzi bathtub downstairs and bicycles begging to be borrowed for a cruise out to the beach {which is exactly what we did}. When we were actually at Analog 76, we made total use of the awesome common spaces! The hosts even provided us with a free ride to the train station upon check-out and a lift to the ice venue on our second day there. 

South Korean hospitality at its finest! 

photo by  @kirstie_hall

photo by @kirstie_hall


We all know how much I love details. The industrial design and trendy, vintage decor creates a relaxed atmosphere for those ready to enjoy South Korea's east coast. The area is quiet of a night, which makes for quality sleep no matter how rowdy your crew. There's plenty of space for hang time. I could fully imagine having a weekend spent cooking meals, playing card games in the loft, and laughing in the living room's jacuzzi! 

photos by  @kirstie_hall


Analog 76 isn't budget, backpacker accommodation but split between friends, it's affordable and well worth every penny spent. Considering the many amenities provided, I feel confident in saying it's worth your monies. Grab your tribe and head to Gangnueng for a more cost-effective weekend! 



You can book your stay at Analog 76 through AirBnB and I'm giving away $40 booking credit for new AirBnB users through this link. Booking on AirBnB is simple and straightforward. It's almost always instant and you can message your host quickly by downloading the AirBnB app onto your smartphone. 

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This post was made in collaboration with Kirstie of Hall Around The World. Photos contributed by her are noted in the captions.