hotel highlight: the Hüttenpalast Caravan Hotel


It’s no secret that I love Berlin. And, it’s undeniable that Berlin is a very cool city. Vegan food restaurants, plastic free initiatives, and Herschel backpack clad bicyclists fill the German capital. So, where is the coolest place to stay in the coolest city in Germany?

The Hüttenpalast Caravan Hotel

What?! Like…sleeping in a caravan…?

Yeah. Exactly like that. In a massive industrial, almost warehouse-type space sits a group of caravans that each act like their own hotel room. It’s the perfect space if you have a group of friends or a big event happening and want to hang out with everyone but also want the option to nip off and enjoy the privacy of your own bed. The Hüttenpalast offers truly unique accommodation for those wanting a quirky stay in Berlin.




Hüttenpalast is conveniently located just a few minutes by foot from the Hermannplatz U-Bahn station. Take the U7 or U8 to Hermannplatz station on the U-Bahn and walk from the station to check-in to your caravan!

To board public transport {good for the tram, bus, S-Bahn, and U-Bahn}, you’ll need a credit/debit card or cash to buy a ticket. I recommend getting the daily standard fare pass or the weekly standard fare pass depending on the length of your stay. The daily pass costs €7 and you can ride as often as you like for a full day, and it comes up cheaper than paying for each individual ride. The public transportation in Berlin is top-notch and, unlike other metropolitan destinations, you will be able to get anywhere in the city {and its surroundings} via one of the transport options.



in the neighbourhood

Not only is the hotel located right near public transport, but it’s only a few stations away from the famous East Side Gallery. A quick 20-minute journey will put you in the approximate city center, though real Berliners know there is actually no center to the city. The hotel is also in a prime location for food of every variety— vegan fare, Indian curries, and döner kebab shops line the streets near Hüttenpalast. If you like to buy from vendors, there is an open-air market that sells fresh produce, falafel, and baked pastries just near the U-Bahn station.



There are two caravan halls, or “halles”, that house a number of caravan rooms. Each caravan at the Hüttenpalast has its own unique personality. It also has a little living space where you can eat your breakfast, play a board game, or relax with a book. My caravan, called Little Sister, was housed in Halle 1. The caravan I stayed in was lined with white wooden bricks and had crisp gray curtains covering the windows. There was a desk space and multiple outlets for me to charge up my devices {i.e. my camera, my phone, Luke’s camera, Luke’s phone, and a battery pack}.

To say my caravan was comfortable is a large understatement. The thought of crawling into a caravan after a whole day on my feet, exploring the city in the cold, was not appealing at first, but as soon as I walked through the doors into the heated hall and laid down on the memory foam mattress, I never wanted to leave. The pillows, linens, and fresh towels were like a hug after a long and busy day. A light dimmer meant I had control over the ambience of my caravan, and twinkly lit the way to the bathroom at night. All in all, my caravan was like a little home and I was more than happy to be there.



As if the caravans weren’t cool enough on their own, your stay with Hüttenpalast comes with awesome amenities. There is free internet that’s fast and reliable from all areas in the caravan hall, which is great if you and your friends want to stream some Netflix in the communal areas before hitting the hay. When you are ready to end the night, you can count on a hot shower with good water pressure and fresh, soft towels to dry off with.

I love that the hotel welcomes guide dogs and has rooms that are barrier-free, making them wheelchair accessible.

Full breakfast is available from the main kitchen for €10.50 per person, or you can enjoy a tea or coffee with a croissant and an apple in the morning free of charge. Since we were up early to make our appointment for the Reichstag, we opted for the free snack-y start to the day in a grab-n-go bag rather than a hot, sit-down brekkie.

One of my favourite things about Berlin is how many garden spaces there are in the city and how almost every restaurant and cafe offers outdoor seating— when the weather is good in Germany, you simply have to make the most of it. The Hüttenpalast gets it, and they’ve created their own little outdoor area complete with swinging benches and vintage bathtubs up-cycled into flower pots that house gnomes and fairy horses.

Bike rentals are available for those who want a true Berliner experience— seeing the city on two wheels! A bike for a full day will cost you €10 and they come with a lock {bike theft is, unfortunately something that happens…}.



I’ve gotten to play guest at some of the coolest hotels and hostels this year thanks to blogging, but I have to say the Hüttenpalast Caravan Hotel the most unique by far. I loved the fun feel of the place, and can only imagine the fun I’d get up to if all my friends were gathered in the big space, filling up the caravans after a day exploring.

You can book your caravan accommodation with Hüttenpalast in Berlin, Germany, through their website here.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of the Hüttenpalast Caravan Hotel in Berlin, but all my opinions are my own and my experience is expressed authentically.