15 of the best cafés in Auckland, New Zealand: where to find your caffeine fix in Auckland

Oh, New Zealand. Home. Love of my life. Soul space. The very best place on this big, blue planet. Yet, it’s one place I’ve written very few informative guides about. So…like…why are there so few travel blogs about it on this space? Why so many personal posts but no real information?


Because it is so precious a place to me that I don’t want to share it. Because when I’m with my people I’m almost never taking photos for this space or gathering information, but, rather, snapping candid pictures with friends and making memories. Because I suppose, it breaks my heart a bit if we’re honest. I haven’t been able to go back through the archives or drafted posts from New Zealand in completion. Even sorting out my hard drive and loading years and years of memories in the form of pictures makes my soft and sentimental heart ping.

But, we’re sharing now. Because as someone who endorses slow, meaningful travel…there really is no one place I’ve traveled more thoroughly and loved more deeply than New Zealand. Because so many people visit it for a few weeks and get it horribly wrong. Because sometimes we have to take baby steps at sharing places we love. Actually, I’m currently I’m planning on re-doing my South Island road trip in greater detail soon-ish!

I lived in Auckland for a year working as an au pair straight out of University. While Remuera really wasn’t my jam { a bit too posh for this socks-and-sandals-wearing-beer-drinking-gal}, there were so many good spots in Auckland to grab coffee with friends. Auckland, as New Zealand’s largest city, hosts a bevy of brunch spots that all offer delicious food, unique interiors, and perfect flat whites.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I don’t have photos of a number of the cafés listed in this post. Not because I haven’t been {I wouldn’t write about them if I hadn’t}. Some I only have silly little iPhone photos of— a byproduct of being “home”. Capturing grander moments on DSLR and candids from the day-to-day {i.e. café meet-ups} on my phone.

here are my 15 favourite cafés in auckland, new zealand


Millenial pink walls plastered with polaroids of friends and surrounded by potted plants— could there be anything more hipster and thus more appealing to me? It’s a rhetorical question, but the answer is no. No there could not. The smashed avo on toast with chili flakes is a winner to me. Throw in the fact that I got to visit Bestie Café in January 2018 with my real life actual bestie, Tash, and you have the makings of one of my favourite brunch spots in Auckland. Also, Bestie has plenty of options for all dietary needs {dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free} and has spacious seating near large windows that let in glorious light.

OPENING HOURS: Monday through Friday from 7:30AM- 3PM, Saturday and Sunday from 8:30AM- 3:30PM


Dizengoff is a proper Auckland establishment. It’s a café I’ve now enjoyed a few different times while visiting Auckland, but never while I was living there. Dizengoff, which is opened 364 days a year, has some of the very best breakfast in the city— you heard it here. The coffee is great, the food is superb, and the staff are constantly friendly/happy to be there. There are actually a group of semi-famous Aucklanders who regular this joint {I’m not gonna name drop, but think New Zealand’s top comedians, IGers, and fashion designers}.

OPENING HOURS: Monday through Friday from 6:15AM- 4PM, Saturday and Sunday from 6:30AM- 4PM

federal and wolfe café

On the corner of, you probably guessed it, Federal and Wolfe sits a noisy corner café with ample seating and work space but zero plug sockets. Auckland doesn’t have quite the using-cafés-as-co-working-spaces culture that exists other places. However, with free WiFi and large tables, Federal and Wolfe Café isn’t a half-bad option as far as café work places go. My one word of advice would be to go with a fully charged MacBook or you’ll look like a lunatic trying to find one {this is a problem I’ve found all over New Zealand, but since electricity is expensive, can we really blame cafés for not wanting to foot your charging bill?}. The eggs on sourdough is a Kiwi café classic, but the salsa that comes with it here makes it something a bit more special.

OPENING HOURS: Monday through Friday from 7AM- 3PM, Saturday from 8AM- 2PM, closed on Sundays


The Botanist is basically my personal wonderland. If you like flowers and brunch, the botanist is where you should head. As a woman who loves nothing more than to be surrounded by flowers like she’s actually some kind of This place screams “take a photo of me” with its flora and fauna, but the food and drink isn’t too shabby either. Planning a brunch with your lady friends? The Botanist is the right spot.

OPENING HOURS: Monday through Friday from 7AM- 3PM, Saturday and Sunday from 8AM- 2PM

KOKAKO organic coffee roaster

Kokako isn’t alone as an option in Grey Lynn, an area of Auckland riddled with cafés. However, it is one of my favourite thanks to its delicious food {it sounds simple, but their blueberry muffin is actually the best I think I’ve ever had in the history of ever}. Kokako, like Federal and Wolfe Café, is a great place to get a coffee and some work done. There actually are plug sockets here, so it this a valid workspace recommendation.

OPENING HOURS: Monday through Friday from 7AM- 3:30PM, Saturday and Sunday from 7:30AM- 4PM

orphan’s kitchen

The first thing you’ll notice about Orphan’s Kitchen is, almost inarguably, the light of the place. The big front window lets in all the sun’s warmth and goodness. The few times I’ve had brunch here, it’s always been delicious, though it’s rarely been what I expected. The menu is constantly rotating to provide visitors with a creative menu full of fresh produce and innovative food concepts.

OPENING HOURS: Monday through Friday from 7:30AM- 3PM, Saturday and Sunday from 8:30AM- 3:30PM

good day

Good Day is void of the pretense that can often be found in many of the cafés and eateries around Orakei. In its place, you’ll find great coffee and friendly service. The best part is, the food doesn’t feel like it’s trying to be hip and trendy despite the gorgeous setting of the café. Genuinely, if you’re an au pair in Orakei who feels fully out of her element and nowhere near the elite status of the area, Good Day is the perfect spot to feel like you’re allowed to take up space.

OPENING HOURS: Monday through Friday from 7AM- 11PM, Saturday from 8AM- 11PM, Sunday from 8AM- 3PM


Café @ Vicky One used to be such a place of comfort. I had a coffee almost every morning for my first few months living in Auckland as a way to cope with feeling in-over-my-head au pairing and being so-close-yet-so-far from my then-boyfriend and always-loves-of-my-life-friends in Palmerston North {how many hyphens can I use in one sentence?!}. Long chats about life and love and the future were had over ciabatta bread, poached eggs, and a flat white.

The café doesn’t scream for its photo to be taken, but when did that become a real requirement for a quality cafe anyway? I love a good aesthetic— I live for a space that’s beautifully designed with details that are well thought out. The flowered wall paper, lack of wireless internet connection, and the lovely staff set the tone for a device-free morning brunch filled with conversation and caffeine.

OPENING HOURS: Monday through Friday from 7AM- 4PM, Saturday and Sunday from 8AM- 3PM


I was chuffed with Chuffed, as cheesy as that is {and, I know, it’s cheesy}. The breakfast menu is pretty standard {eggs on toast, omelettes, muesli, porridge, a variety of coffee. There is also a lunch menu here and plenty of vegetarian options that are marked clearly on the menu. Hidden away on High Street, this is a good spot to sneak off to as it’s quiet despite the central location. The little back room is extra warm in the winter and the Edison light fixtures make it feel extra intimate. It’s an ideal place for a pre-shop coffee with a friend.

OPENING HOURS: Monday through Friday from 7AM- 4PM, Saturday and Sunday from 9AM- 4PM


Crumb in Grey Lynn is a great place to seek your caffeine refuge on a sunny day. With very limited indoor seating, it’s best to leave this one for a time when you can enjoy the varied outdoor seating styles in decent weather. I had a flat white and the Peanut Butter + Banana toast which came with berries and Fix + Fogg spread. While the toast was yum, it was a bit overpriced for what you get {serving size}. The coffee, even tho decaf, was fab. Also, there were a surplus of dogs at this four-legged-friendly eatery. Come here for dog snuggles!

OPENING HOURS: Monday through Friday from 7AM- 3PM, Saturday and Sunday from 8AM- 3PM

odette’s eatery

This place opened in 2014, serendipitously while I was living in Auckland. At the time, my housemate was away on the cricket tour, so I moseyed all the way from Remuera to Odette’s solo, thinking it’d be a nice place to write. I hit the nail on the head. Even though it was near the CBD, Odette’s felt like a place for respite thanks to its greenery at every turn.

OPENING HOURS: Monday from 7AM- 3PM, Tuesday and Wednesday from 7AM- 9:30PM, Thursday and Friday from 7AM-10PM, Saturday from 8AM- 10PM, Sunday from 8AM- 3PM

dear jervois

If you’re in Herne Bay, Dear Jervois is a top choice for seasonal food and fair trade coffee selection. Owned by a Swedish couple, this café has a thoughtfully designed menu that mirrors the thoughtfully designed interior. The vegan tacos and zucchinni fritters are two dishes I personally vouch for {so yum}.

OPENING HOURS: Monday through Friday from 7AM- 4PM, Saturday and Sunday from 8AM- 4PM

winona forever

Named in reference to Johnny Depp’s infamous arm tattoo, this café in Parnell is pretty under-the-radar. It sits along a road without a notable view, but the café itself makes up for it with art-like cake and Edison lightbulbs. I recommend the carrot cake, though it looks so stunning with its floral and fruit decorations that you might not want to eat it. The black currant kombucha is pretty tops too.

ECO-NOTE: Despite the single-use plastic ban in New Zealand, Winona loses points from me due to its takeaway cups and straws.

OPENING HOURS: Monday through Friday from 7AM- 4PM, Saturday and Sunday from 8AM- 3PM

williams eatery

Williams Eatery in Wynyard Quarter has a super Scandinavian feel to it. The filter coffee at Williams is worth the trip there alone. However, like a true millennial, my favourite bit was the smashed avocado on toast. There is a little space in the café to read a book or have a chat. This is also a place where the who’s who of Auckland hipsters come to grab brunch {ya know, the ones you’ve seen on Instagram}.

OPENING HOURS: Monday through Wednesday from 7AM- 3PM, Thursday and Friday from 7AM- 9:30PM, Saturday from 8AM- 9:30PM, Sunday from 8AM- 3PM


Ortolana was suggested to me by my Insta-friend, Patty in Places, and it did not disappoint. Britomart is home to plenty of boutiques, sea views, and cafés. This place would be great for a first date, because you won’t feel bad dressing up to meet someone in this beautiful place with its posh menu. It’s also ideal for people watching in Britomart and fancier food than your typical café fare.

OPENING HOURS: Sunday through Tuesday from 7AM- 9:30PM, Wednesday through Saturday from 7AM- 10PM


NEED HELP NAVIGATING AUCKLAND CAFÉS? Don’t sweat it! I’ve made a map for you.

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your caffeine fix in New Zealand’s big city #newzealand #newzealandcafes #cafeguide
the best cafes in Auckland, New Zealand: where to get the best coffee in New Zealand's big city and a map to help you navigate #newzealand #auckland #aucklandcafes
the best cafés in Auckland, New Zealand: where to get your caffeine fix in New Zealand’s big city #newzealand #newzealandtravel