a guide to New Zealand blueberry picking

There are still many, many things on my New Zealand bucket list that despite living, working, studying, and returning time and time again I still haven't done.  I think I leave it subconsciously so that I have a "reason" to keep returning {as if I don't already have one/need one}.

One of the things I've never gotten around to during the abundance of time spent on my favourite patch of green earth is berry picking. Luckily, NOHO Farm is located near Levin, which is where I spent a weekend with my friends on the beach and the river, in pure joy-mode. Tash made the stopover while we waiting for the lads to arrive from Auckland. 


How it works //

Unlike other berry farms that make you pay a set price for entering {and sometimes another fee for the weight of whatever you pick to take home}, at NOHO Farm, you grab a recycled bin, bring it back to the front "desk" and pay for what you've picked. It's truly an honour system type of place, and I dig that.  At the time of publishing, NOHO Farm charges NZD $16/kg of blueberries. 


What about the weather //

NOHO isn't open for picking on rainy days, which, admittedly, can cause planning problems given New Zealand's weather is a seriously fickle mistress. Check the weather near Levin the day of picking and get on your knees for sunshine {we lucked out with an absolute stunner of a day}. 


Other offerings //

NOHO sells fresh blueberry ice cream, which is delicious! For NZD $4.50, you can grab a massive waffle cone {they are incredibly generous servings}. If you don't have time to pick your own basket of berries, you can grab a carton that's been pre-picked at the front of the farm. 



Address:  State Highway 1, 2 km north of Levin,
7 Heatherlea East Road

Admission: Fee to the public, open until early February 2018

Contact: 06-36-800-36