what I wore to Kuang Si Waterfalls on my birthday

I've been to Kuang Si Waterfalls quite a few times. I think 5?? 6? I'm not sure. But this visit was extra special for a few reasons. 

The first is that I went for my birthday. And birthdays are kind of always special, right? I think so anyway. The second is that Luke took bloggy photos of me-- without me even asking.


I actually fought him on this because taking typical outfit photos with someone can be awkward. Trying to explain that I like candids better than posed photos. Trying to explain how I like things framed. It just feels a bit weird until I loosen up I guess. And I don't know why, but something about a man taking my photo feels extra personal. I suppose I get a feel for how they see me judging by the photos they take. But that's probably me stuck in my over-analytical head. 

In any case, he won 'the argument' and it all worked out as I had been asked quite a few times by people in the comments about when the next 'outfit' post would be. At first, I thought a swimsuit doesn't really count as an outfit. But, when you are in a conservative country where people literally swim in hoodies and jeans, I suppose it's nice to know that you can feel stylish while preserving cultural values. 


There are so many hot one-pieces out there. And that made it easy for me to find something conservative to swim in knowing I'd be returning to Laos. There are many countries where bikinis are banned or against the local custom, so having a one-piece on-hand in Asia is a seriously good idea, ladies! The black one on me has a low back and is high cut on the bottom, so I opted to through on some basic black yoga shorts to keep my bottom fully covered. The material is similar to swimsuit material, which means it dries easy. Unfortunately, this pair of shorts is not from an ethical brand. They {are very old} from Forever21. Bummer, I know. 


To protect my eyes from the harsh Lao sun, I'm wearing sunglasses courtesy of the Charleston based company Nectar.  Nectar donates part of every sale to organizations that help save the world's bee population! So go and support them, guys! They have men and women's styles. I'm wearing the Kleo, which you can find in my 'Shop' tab. 

sunnies c/o: Nectar | swimsuit: EcoSwim | shorts: Forever21