should you go to Waterbom: Asia's #1 Waterpark?

Asia's #1 Waterpark according to TripAdvisor {and a bunch of other places} is located in none other than Bali, Indonesia. Which makes no sense, since Bali has gorgeous beaches you can enjoy for free. However, after spending some time on the island {and Luke finding discounted tickets and him really wanting to go...} we decided to hit up Waterbom to see if it lived up to all the hype. 

It actually did, guys. 

Now, #1 is a big call to make, right? It means THE BEST. And I feel like being THE BEST anything is a lot of pressure. 

Regardless of whether it is THE BEST waterpark in Asia or not, Waterbom is definitely worth the money for the experience. If you're sitting on the fence about whether to visit or not, this guide exists now help you make your decision! You're welcome. 


Cost //

Admittedly, it's a bit pricey by Asian-cost standards. Tickets at the door are more expensive. Order yours online, download the paperless admission ticket, and you'll receive 15% off the single entry ticket price. With this discount, the cost of entry is $34 per person. Once inside the park, you can purchase a second-day return ticket for only USD$7! Some resorts and hotels also sell tickets at the discounted rate from their front desks. 

How to get there //

Most resorts and hotels can arrange a driver to take you to Waterbom. There is also a bus system that stops at hotels in the Kuta Beach area. Other options include using the app Grab for a discounted ride, renting a motorbike, or using the traditional taxi system in the area {look for light blue vehicles with 'Taksi' signs on their roofs.

What to bring with you //

  • reusable water bottle {there are filling stations}
  • sunscreen 
  • lip balm
  • GoPro or other waterproof camera
  • cash 
  • phone with downloaded ticket
  • towel
  • change of clothes
  • sunglasses {if you feel like lounging post-slide}

What is there to do //

For adrenaline junkies, take to the slides. There are many and they will make your stomach twist and turn. My favourites are the Boomerang and Python slides. For those who want to lounge or have a casual swim, take to the many chairs and gazebos around and relax in the 'Pleasure Pool.' There are some activities which you can pay extra for {jumping on a trampoline, getting your hair braided, and a spa with massage services}. 


Where to eat //

The food services at Waterbom are first class. Walk around and you'll find everything from Mad Pops {vegan ice cream} to pizza {real pizza} to Balinese cuisine. Prices are about the same as most places in the area, though much cheaper than I expected. 

How is Waterbom environmentally conscious //

At Waterbom, they are mindful of the large waste of freshwater resources that water parks produce. Thus, they are doing their part to be as smart about it all as possible.  You are encouraged to donate to the Bali Water Project to help offset some of the freshwater waste produced by the park. Waterbom wins in a third way because they utilize a saltwater chlorination system, which eco-friendly. It's also better for your skin. 


Waterbom is a seriously fun way to cool off. It's not as beautiful as the beach, but I highly recommend it as an alternative way to have a laugh and enjoy a day. 

So, should you go to Waterbom? Is it worth it? Put simply: yes.