on the horizon

I've just finished spending a day sitting in a teakwood boat as it glides over Inle Lake. The water meets the mountains of Myanmar somewhere, but I can only see a never-ending horizon from my spot. Every time I think we've reached the shoreline of the lake, something new pops up. A floating village. A pagoda hidden among trees. It reminds me of what life feels like, especially of the late. While the feeling of adventure is constant, the look of the horizon is changing every second.

On all fronts. 

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes. Both, in regards to this space and my life in general. There are waves of change rolling in. Bright and shiny new horizons every time I look up. All of this movement and shedding is due to two factors: 1) my birthday, bringing with it the feeling of 'let's do this year even bigger!' and 2) my recent travels through Myanmar giving me space away from a lot of distractions and time to think. 

One of the many things I've had on my mind is how I can use this space to create something more. To produce valuable travel content and document my personal journeys. I've been thinking about how I can give more. After the most recent...duplication...I've felt a serious need to freshen things up. To shift in my seat and brainstorm. Get my wheels spinning. 

Which leads me to the first something-something happening-- blog updates! The blog will be a bit of a mess while it's being slowly added to by way of drop-screens, updates to the SLK Bucket List, finalizing the 'Shop' tab refresh, and changing a few other little things up that need reworking after 6 years of writing here. The wonderful people who help me with web design have been answering my pesky emails with such grace and patience. Luke has stepped in to help with things I'm too technologically-illiterate to figure out. I'm really, really excited for a little 'new' to come this site's way. It deserves it.

Next, after thinking hard during our boat tour of Inle Lake and brainstorming out loud with Luke, who is currently traveling with me, I have also decided to say 'yes' to a new project. Stepping out of 'what if I fail' and into 'this could be something really great.' What makes it more exciting is that I have brands who have agreed to partner with me and help me work out the kinks in my thought-wheel. I feel really lucky to have people who not only want to work with me but feel like I have something to offer in a collaboration. Hint: it involves giving back to people, taking care of the planet, this blog, and a wonderful company that believes in transparent business. 

And finally, there's the giant thing on everyone's mind: China. When will I be going to China? Perhaps the biggest new horizon I'm looking at is moving internationally {like we're even surprised} and taking my position in China. I received an email from the Embassy a few days ago and my documents should be finished and ready by September 26th. That means my new mid-October start date looks like a go. This changes a few other plans I had but doesn't cancel them. I'm moving around a few trips for the end of the year and the major one includes a visit {hopefully} back home {Kia Ora!}. My friends have been unsurprisingly supportive and my family has given up on me being back in the states for any real period of time. It seems like in times where everything seems new, I can always count on the people in my life to be another constant. And so they get the MVP awards. All of 'em {you know who you are, wonderful and perfect humans}.

The internet is notoriously awful in Myanmar, and it is living up to its reputation here in Inle Lake. However, guides and tips will be posted. There are drafts brewing that include packing guides, outfit posts, and things to know before coming to this beautiful {albeit strange} country. As well as ultimate planing tricks and new resources for those taking the plunge into travel! They might just take a bit longer to post. And I'm not worried. Because I have a lot to write and I want to get it right, ya dig? 

The next time you hear from me will probably be when I've made it to BALI {I know, I know, but it happened}, where I'll be taking in another view of another place in another country. Watching the sun set and rise each day over the horizon.