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life lately: 15

life lately: 15

I can't believe we are stepping into the middle of September here soon. I am currently sitting on the patio of my bamboo hut in Inle Lake, Myanmar. It's hot, though cooler than Laos {we all know how I am with heat and the sun}. I'm taking some time this afternoon to write for the first time since my departure from Laos and it feels really good to put my thoughts down on paper {screen} once again. 

Here's what life looks like lately in iPhone pics, know the deal...


(-/+) I should have been starting work in China, but my visa and immigration issues are {hopefully, every phalange crossed} being fixed up and I have a new start date of mid-October. There is more on this in an upcoming post!

(-/+) I'm not sure how I feel about Myanmar. On today's bike ride, Luke and I agreed that we had heard how magical this place was, how breathtaking its beauty and rich the culture, but we felt that we had seen more beauty and experienced deeper cultural preservation other places. I suppose after 4 days, one can hardly sit at her Macbook and type about how she just doesn't get it, but...I just...don't. I felt similarly about Cambodia. People said Siem Riep was breathtaking, but the impression it left on me was the backpackers throwing up carelessly on Pub Street and the begging culture that seems heavy. The views in South America and across the Pacific just seem grander to my eyes. But, then again, I am constantly reminded how little of this giant world I have seen. 

(-)  Overnight bus rides are NAGHT my favourite, but I'm not too precious. Also, this 12-hour trip from Yangon to Inle Lake was much better than the 30-hour bus ride Tash and I braved through Chile. 


(+) I have created my lists for countries to travel to over the next two years {finishing strong here, guys} and I have a lot of work ahead of me. South America needs re-visiting, Africa has been planned for a while thanks to my brave friends, and there are some island destinations I want to give a go, which is brave for someone who is desperately craving cold weather, beanies, and nights spent snuggled up in a duvet. 

(-) No internet is dreamy, but it's also a nightmare. Being out of touch with the people you love during hurricanes, wildfires, and while traveling through a country that is in the news for current civil wars doesn't feel easy or like good timing. 


(+) I don't know how this happened, but I have won three giveaways recently and it made me feel for a moment like my fortunes {the three told to me} had changed. HA! Most recently I won a massive package of goodies from Bird and Stone {a NYC-based company that makes fairtrade and ethical jewellery promoting the empowerment of women} in partnership with White Rabbit NYC {which makes eco-conscious lingerie}. Then, this morning, I woke up to find out that I had won an eco-friendly, cruelty-free backpack from Oceans End LLC in partnership with one of my favourite conscious bloggers, Waterthruskin. I love these companies and what they are doing to help people and the planet. 


(+) I was recently contacted by a company in NYC that started an app. This app, which is FREE to download, allows you to see what volunteer organizations are in need of your help. There is so much good that needs to be done in the world, guys. So go download DEED! Unfortunately for me, but fantastic for anyone in NYC, the app hasn't been launched worldwide. If you're located in New York and looking to do a good deed, check them out! 

(+) I've been listening to some new-to-me podcasts. Highly recommend Rough Translation by NPR, Lore, and Oprah's Super Soul Sunday Conversations {Tony Robbins, the man}.  

Have a great week. Give your pups lots of cuddles. Recycle. + tell people that you miss them and love them. It'll feel real good. 

Minglabar from Myanmar

Minglabar from Myanmar

what I wore to Kuang Si Waterfalls on my birthday

what I wore to Kuang Si Waterfalls on my birthday