5 reasons why Amsterdam is not just another city in Europe

It's been said that once you see one European city, you've seen most all of them. Sure, diversity exists as you pass between the many country borders that make up the continent, but most cities have the same offerings. Some, without argument, are classics-- think Paris and Rome. But, Amsterdam offers something different. It doesn't take itself so seriously. It's not pretentious. It's down right weird. And that's what makes it stand out! 

1. Its architecture is truly unique

If you saw a picture of any non-landmark photo of Budapest or Prague, Oslo or Copenhagen, you might not be able to tell one apart from the other. But if you saw a photo of Amsterdam, it would be hard to guess it as any other city. The thin canal houses with oddly shaped tops stand out against the classic architecture of many other European hotspots. 

2. Its museums feature more than art history...though there's that too

During my time in the one-of-a-kind city, I visited the coolest and most unconventional museums. Ones that covered topics like beer, sex, and hidden churches. There's also the historic Anne Frank house, which should not be missed. There is even an entire museum dedicated to pictures of cats. I'm not kidding.

If you do want to see beautiful and important works of art, Amsterdam has plenty of that too. I mean, the city is home to Van Gogh and Rembrandt! But there are plenty of less 'ordinary' museums to check out as you explore. 

3. There are more reasons to celebrate

Belgium has Tomorrowland and Germany has Beerfest, but thanks to Amsterdam, the Netherlands has over 300 festivals! That's 300+ reasons to have a parade, dance in the streets, listen to loud music, or try delicious foods. This makes Amsterdam the city with the most festivals in all of Europe. 

4. Its food is as unique as the rest of the city

Amsterdam is not a place for basic croissants and gelato. It offers pancakes as entrees at any time of day, and that's okay by me. Add in sugar overdose in the form of stroopwafel and an abundance of odd cheese varieties...let's just all agree that Amsterdam's food scene is strange and wild and weird and completely different than typical European fare. 

5. Even its real estate is off-beat

Most European homes, particularly inside the cities of the continent, follow the same sort of blueprint: four walls, a roof, windows and doors all built on a solid land foundation. Not in Amsterdam! There are an estimated 2500 houseboats in Amsterdam! Meaning people live in boats parked along the 165 canals that make up the city.

Whether it's the crazy museums or the fun food scene, Amsterdam is not a city to be missed. It makes sure it stands out in every visitor's memory!