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life lately: 14

life lately: 14

I've had a reflective and wonderful and exhausting and hot and rainy first week back in Laos. I've thought about Poppy every time I've seen a stray pup around the streets. I've thought about the adventure that awaits me in China once my visa is finalized. Seriously just a lot of freakin' thoughts guys. 

Here is what life looks like lately in thoughts, feelings, and photos...


(+) I've decided to take my YouTube channel a bit more seriously. By that, of course, I mean I'm just basically going to give vlogging my Asian adventures a try. If I feel like it's fun and something I enjoy doing, I might even go back and vlog some old travels with videos I have on the old hard drive. It's just an experiment at the moment, so be kind! 

(-) My shampoo bar has been "melting" in the heat here. So, I think I've rectified the situation by keeping it in the refrigerator that I have here. Any other tips or tricks would be so appreciated as I continue to battle the heat, always. 

(+) You know what makes me smile from the inside out?! 25,000kip for 2 tacos on 'Taco Tuesday.' My god, have I missed Amigos! Alicia, the co-owner greeted me like an old friend and, even after 8 months, remembered I was a vegetarian. Favourite non-Lao food in Luang Prabang, guys. 

(+) This whole short hair in the heat and humidity thing is the best! Honestly. I don't know how I had it so long for so long while I lived here. I wash it, air dry it, and I'm good to go. I don't look like a super model, but even with all the help in the Universe, I never did. It's just so much easier to deal with, so I guess I'm just thanking Sarah at Planet Hair in Myrtle Beach for reminding me that hair grows and that fuss free is the way to be in the heat. 


(+) My Shop tab is updated! There is still a lot to add, but  I've finally started reconstructing it and that step in and of itself is a mini accomplishment, so I'm taking the victory. 

(+) Arcade Fire's latest album took me a moment to warm up to, but I'm totally on board now. Also, I forgot how hilarious the Flight of the Conchords albums are. 

(+) Luke's work mates took him out to a Lao line dancing club called Muong Swa. I got invited and I never miss an opportunity to tag along. This is my second time going line dancing here, and I feel like I've finally learned a few of the easier ones. On my way to becoming the Beyonce of Laos! ;) 

(+) It's my birthday month ;) But more than that, it's my birthday week, and this one feels a bit extra special. More on that in the State of the Union post out on the 7th! 

what to know before a visit to Tad Sae Waterfalls

what to know before a visit to Tad Sae Waterfalls

sabaidee, again: why I came back to Laos

sabaidee, again: why I came back to Laos