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thoughts on the weird wide web

thoughts on the weird wide web

Last night, while I was at my goodbye dinner with the Laster family and my mother, I was sent the link to a blog. After finishing my Mexican food, feeling high on a solar eclipse and unlimited chips and salsa, I opened the link and was totally puzzled by the whole thing. The layout was beautiful, but the format of the most recent post was...familiar. Like I was reading the same thing twice. In the most basic {or dramatic, whatever way you look at it} way to say it:

I had been pretty well duplicated. 

I thought I would link the post because everyone deserves the opportunity to use their voice and 'defend' themselves. But there are two issues with that. The first is that no one is on trial here. It's not about being vindictive. The second, as pointed out by one of the voices of reason and pragmatism in my life, is that linking the blog would create traffic to the site, thus promoting something I don't know how I feel about.

For a blog as tiny and insignificant as this one, it can sure be a pain in the ass. I have to create content by taking photos and writing, then editing and posting {and then, usually fixing typos I missed during the first edit}. I don't usually mind because I love writing and photography and this space. It's sentimental. Something I created at a specific point in time. I was terrible at keeping the blog up to date or writing lengthy posts. Instead, I wrote little blurbs about the ups (+) and downs (-) of life so that my family and friends back in the states could have some insight into my time studying abroad. And then it grew from there. 

Despite it being a lot to put together at times, it means something to me. Because it was started in the place I love most, featuring snippets of my life with people I love most. 

The internet is this strange web of connections. It allows us to collaborate and create and learn and build a network. I love promoting my favourite creatives and brands, which is part of the reason I like to feature those favourites on my Insta-stories {jumping on that 'building others up' train.}. 

There is kind of an invisible line. Between creating content and replicating it. And I think we can all agree that that invisible line should be made more solid. 

Creative spaces deserve protection, even somewhere as highly saturated as the internet.

I'd like to chalk all of it up to massive coincidence. And I will. When you've been blogging {such a weird word} for 6 years, you realize there's a lot of the same on the internet. I like to believe people take pride in their own unique abilities to make something valuable and different. Each of us has something only we can offer. There needs to be more collaboration and less competition. There also needs to be less imitation in the world because originality is just...better? Cooler, right?  

And there shouldn't be games. Games are for children. 

I've read a lot about how there are no longer any fresh ideas in the world. But I haven't fully bought into that. Because the naive, hopelessly optimistic part of me {that very tiny part not yet jaded} believes that there is still so much white space left to be filled in. 

Let's lift one another up instead of tearing each other down, k?

I guess what I am saying is this...I simply don't have time for games or playing who's done what. I'm catching a plane tomorrow to a place where the biggest issue with the internet is how slow it runs, and not who's decided to play silly little games.  

See you soon Laos {Luke, I would like the full royal treatment at the airport, kthanks}.  

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