how I take care of my skin while traveling in hot climates

Anyone who has lived in Southeast Asia knows, the heat and humidity are potent. Trying to find skincare products without bleach in them in Laos was also a challenge. I was sweating constantly, washing my face with whatever products looked half-decent that the volunteers left behind, attempting to fight the intense sunlight, and my skin only got progressively worse. Since it was such a silly little problem to have, especially compared to the poverty and environmental devastation I was surrounded by, I did what I could and just added it to a long list of things to 'let be.'


Upon returning to the U.S. last December, I was in deep and desperate need of a health/beauty overhaul. I needed a refresh, ya dig? 


I have continually made a real effort this year to switch my routine up. To use eco-friendly products from companies that don't test on animals and use recycled packaging. 

I've always felt strongly about taking care of the planet {Fern Gully, all the way}. But this year, with a President who adamantly denies climate change exists, I felt a serious push to make whatever I could to push myself to walk the walk. 

It started with little things-- investing in reusable products and all-natural deodorant. From there, I made the decision to be a smarter consumer. And, most recently, I was made aware of the harmful products that are used to create what {very little} makeup I use. Like deodorant, some of the makeup I was putting on my face contained aluminium. METAL. ON. MY. FACE.

No, thanks. 

Understanding what I put on my face ignited a fire under me that sent me into a skin care research rabbit hole. It's important to take care of your skin, especially when you're traveling to places that put you directly in the sun. Here are some of the products I use and love! 


Dry Brushing //

Because there are so so so many benefits. The first of which is how it detoxifies! I bought a handmade dry brush on Etsy for around $20 and I use it twice a day every day on my body {not my face}. I've seen a real difference in how my legs feel after shaving {so much softer now that they are seriously exfoliated}  and how my body feels when I put on my favourite lotion. Also, I know the lotion is not 100% natural {though it contains a lot of natural ingredients}. I just love it so much and it works miracles. Looking for alternatives that have its magic. 

Organic Cold-pressed Rosehip Oil // 

It comes in a glass, reusable bottle. I found a spray-bottle head that fits on the head, and I spray it on my face as a mist/toner. If I don't put on makeup, this helps keep my face feeling fresh and moisturized without heavy moisturizer. It sits nicely on suncreen too. 

Badger Sunscreen //

I have learned over my time living and studying in New Zealand how important sunscreen is because they take it very seriously on my favourite little island {and rightfully so}. After reading blogs like Waterthruskin and watching various environmental documentaries, I've realized that sunscreen can be damaging to the environment. Thus, I began using Badger this past Spring and it's taken away the guilt while protecting my skin. 


Don't Look at Me LUSH Mask //

I've been a massive fan of LUSH for as long as I can remember. Natural, cruelty-free, and conscious, I dig the brand. I started using this LUSH mask every night before bed and it's not only brightened my face, but it's helped to smooth it out. Which is an absolute mission, if we're being blunt. 

Tarte Undereye Rescue Patches //

I hardly slept at all the first week I came back from London. Part of it was stress, but a massive part of the blame belongs to the heat. The hot and humid nights left me restless with dark bags under my eyes. I felt like my face was less bright. These suckers are vegan and cruelty-free. I like putting them in the refrigerator. After my LUSH Mask, I stick on my eye pads and watch some Newflix or Viceland. 


If living and travelling in hot climates has taught me anything, it's how important it is to treat your skin with tender love and care. 

I've found a lot of eco-friendly companies thanks to friend suggestions {and also my Instagram's 'explore' page}. I will be heading back into the Southeast/East Asian climate on Wednesday. If you have any recommendations for last minute items I can bring to save my skin, let me know in the comments. They are incredibly welcome, guys! 

swimsuit: Vitamin A  | sunglasses c/o: Nectar