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life lately: 12

life lately: 12

I haven't managed to post a life lately every week like I had kind of semi-promised myself I would, but life has been INSANE and I'm still working on Paris and London blog posts and some days I feel like I'm treading water and also I have been running around town getting everything done. 

I wanted to fill everyone in on what has been happening with China because after my 'Gone Girl' Insta-stories, I've had so many wonderful, encouraging, lovely comments from friends {both those who attended Uni with me and those I met overseas}. I'll be writing a full post all about the situation, including what went wrong, what made it such chaos, and how it got fixed! I think it's important that people know, while it is super rewarding, moving overseas is not always a straightforward or streamlined process. That's not said to deter anyone, it's so that people who say 'Wow, must be nice!' or "You're so lucky!" understand luck has nothing to do with it. It's work. Always. People praise results but not the hustle it took to get there. So just keep reading this space for the complete story. Or don't. Use your free will.  


Here's what life has been like lately in photos, thoughts and feelings...

(+) Frank + Poppy had their yearly check-ups. I missed taking Poppy last year {terrible dog mom, I know}, so it was extra important to take her this year. This is a little reminder to anyone with a four-legged friend to go and get your furry pals checked! They may look and act normal, but things like heartworms could be quietly harming your pups. 

(+) I know I've already posted this, this, this, and this. But they're good enough that they deserve mention again as they are what I've been binge listening to lately. Vance and Lorde are kind of never not on repeat. 

(+) I am in the {slow and sometimes painful} process of updating the blog and restructuring the site. Specifically our 'shop' tab! 


(+) I took my Yoga Instructor Global Certification and...I ACED IT! So I am officially certified to teach Yoga internationally. This is something I've always wanted to do, but only just now made the time to commit to studying and going for. Hopefully, it's something I can do on the side wherever in the world I'm living. 

(+) To go along with my yoga cert, I decided to get certified in Meditation and Mindfulness. I'd like to use this skill in conjunction with yoga, but the truth is the human brain fascinates me {that Psych undergrad tho} and learning about metacognition and all that jazz just seemed interesting. Wish me luck! 


(+) Table 19 is actually a decent movie. It lost me in the middle as it took an unexpected turn from Rom-Com to serious, but it won me back at the end. 

(-/+) I'd encourage anyone who is interested in what we humans have done to the planet to watch Plastic Ocean on Netflix. The documentary literally made me cry. It made me think of all the ways I can cut out plastic in my own life. 

(-) I tried a new kind of tea- pomegranate. This persuaded me quite quickly to switch back to cold brew coffee.  

(+) The total eclipse is today and Charleston is in the Path of Totality! So, Poppy and I armed with our Solar Eclipse Glasses are prepared to take in the event.

Have a happy week, guys! And, hey, maybe call that person you miss, k? I promise you won't regret it.  

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