visiting Kingston's telephone boxes

As soon as I met Sandy in the line for a Meditation bus, I knew we'd be fast friends. Which says something because I'm very much a person who keeps her circle close knit. But, something about this Texan babe's warm nature on a cold London day made me feel instantly open up to her. We began to talk about the places we still hadn't seen in London, and she mentioned the "domino telephone boxes,"  

Umm...what?! How had I not heard about this?

As we exchanged contact details, we made a plan to journey down to Kingston in the Greater London area to see this art installation before my looming departure date. We made a day of it, as it was my last Sunday in London, going to brunch and then training to Southwest London. 

A unique photographic opportunity of older British telephone boxes in an artistic game of dominoes. Fun for tourists, but once seen is enough.
— Hans Swift, Tripadvisor

I think Hans hit the nail on the head. There isn't much to do in Kingston outside of visiting the mall {which we didn't} and having a photo shoot at the "Out of Order" telephone box art installation on Old London Road. 

It was a mission to get there. Especially since we had brunch in Northeast London. But any trip spent with good company goes by quickly. The easiest way to get there is to take the train to Kingston from Waterloo Station. From the Kingston train station, it's less than a 5-minute walk to the phone booths. 

Life is kind of like a very large line of standing dominoes being knocked over. One connects to other and starts its own chain of events. For instance, had I not met Sandy, I wouldn't have known about the phone boxes. Had I never heard of the phone boxes, I wouldn't have gotten to spend a day brunching, training, and shooting photos with a new friend. And, man, would I have missed out. I wouldn't have the photo below to look back on and laugh at:

Thanks for catching me in my natural glory, Sandy. 


Street address: Old London Road, Kingston upon Thames KT2 6QF

Cost of admission: Free to the public

Hours of Operation: Open always

Nearest train station: Kingston station on the National Rail lines