Columbia Road Flower Market

'S' is for Sunday markets + serendipity. And 'sunshine.' And 'sunflowers.' And 'Shoreditch.'

On a Sunday in London there is only one proper thing to do as a vegetarian: skip Sunday roast and head to the Columbia Flower Market. Especially when London decides to turn on a nearly 80F day. When there is not a single cloud in the sky and new music downloaded on your iPod, it would be unfathomable to waste such a day. 

I spend a lot of time in and around Shoreditch, which I totally enjoy. On this particular Sunday, I went to Paper + Cup for a pot of tea. Then, I went out into the sunshine and spent the rest of the morning walking around until I left the "Shoreditch boundary" and made my way to the Columbia Road Flower Market. 

There were so many people that the market had shoulder-to-shoulder traffic. Musicians played acoustic covers at either end of the market-- including the song I've never heard played anywhere ever other than on my iPod. It was the craziest, happiest little moment. Like an extra ray of sunshine hearing, "I know the shape of your hands..." over the crowd accompanied by the sight of giant Dutch peonies. Kind of freakin' dreamlike, guys. Surreal and awesome. 

Then, in a second random act of I-don't-know-what by the Universe, I found a letter in my old purse pocket from an old film tube from 2012. One I thought was in a box in my closet. I dug out coinage to pay for a bottle of water and BOOM! There it was. 

I'm on my way to Berlin for a few days to meet up with my brother, Bastian. While I'm grateful to be in London and I've loved catching up with people, not to mention I love that I'm doing work that puts me in the direction of my ideal career, my relationship with London the last week has been akin to the city's weather-- sunny...but you should pack a jacket just in case. 

I'll be blogging, but until then, see ya later alligators!

all the peonies and lilies for me please. 

all the peonies and lilies for me please. 


Street address: Columbia Rd, London E2 7RG

Cost of admission: Free

Hours of Operation: Sundays 8 a.m.- 2 p.m.

Nearest tube station: Old Street {Northern line, approx. 16-minute walk} or Bethnal Green {Central line, approx. 12-minute walk}