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life lately: 9

life lately: 9

If these scheduled blogs go according to plan, this will post while I'm in Amsterdam with Kees after visiting Bastian in Berlin. Life is very real at the moment, but it's also real exciting. 

Here's what my life looks like in iPhone photos, thoughts, and feelings: 

(-/+) London {like most places, I suppose} is a very different city when you are seeing it {primarily} alone. Like everywhere else {I'm sure} seeing a place by yourself is sort of a roller coaster. It can be the most fun and exciting or it can be frustrating and filled with nostalgia. I've been experiencing both being in the city. I've felt overwhelmed by love and also a bit over it. 

(+) Luke sent me the above message the beginning of last week and I was immediately thrilled. I made it a mission to go to Mare Street and see his sister's exhibit the next day around lunch time, but SHE WASN'T THERE. I'm writing this as an (+) up for two reasons. 1) I avoided a probable awkward encounter and 2) her exhibit was well worth the absolute mission it was to get there.

The way our introduction ran in my head was a little like this:

I walk into the University of Arts London building, walk up to her exhibit stall and say, "Hi! I'm Tara and you've probably never heard of me ever because your brother is a serious introvert who doesn't talk about his personal life unless you force him to. I used to work with him in Laos. He told me you'd be here and I could see your exhibit because I'm in London. So here I am." *shakes hands or goes in for a hug* {have not fully decided what would be best}

Immediately after stepping out of the tube station I was sure Luke had sent me on a wild goose chase to a neighbourhood where I would meet surely my demise. Everything looked rough-- the buildings, the people, the street signs. If I didn't die, I was sure I'd go home with tetanis. I walked from the tube to the exhibit, and, funnily enough, Luke's sister was not manning the stall. So I got to see the {beautiful!} footwear she designed without making a fool of myself or having an awkward encounter. Seriously though, she's so talented and I would have loved to have met her and showed her all the hilarious videos I have of Luke singing to himself on my phone. 

(+) In the middle of everything that looked so gritty {like walking hepatitis}, was the coolest cafe. I stopped in and heard Chance the Rapper playing on the speakers. Yes, please. The name of the cafe was "Diddy's" and the interior was decorated with plants as well as black and white photos of Tupac and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. It gets better though. The WiFi passcode: Badboys4lyfe. The owner is a woman with a badass pink gingham apron. I'm in love with the little place, despite it being surrounded by streets that smell like actual human fecal matter.

(-) I deleted my Facebook a while ago. Honestly, I just never used it and I felt bored of it. Everything I want to share is on this space and I have an just wasn't needed. Well, today, while sorting through my e-mail, I found a bunch of new notifications that I had been tagged in things... How?! So, I logged in for the first time in what feels like no-time-but-also-forever profile is there. I don't want people to be confused {like I was} and I kind of want to know how that's even possible. I have re-deactivated it if that makes sense, and I've been told it might have been because I've accepted message requests from people who aren't officially Facebook friends with me {how can they be when I don't have one, aye?}. Hopefully, this clears it up. Sorry for the confusion. No, I didn't block you. I'm a woman of my word: when I said I was going without it for a while, I didn't mean a few measly months. You can catch me on here! 

(+) Tarte's Pearly Girl Vegan Teeth Whitening Pen. Vegan. Travel sized. Perfection. And, it works wonders. I can give it a trusted review too, as someone who drinks tea and coffee {decaf, Mom, calm down}. This plus Pop Smile's Whitening Kit have seriously done wonders on my teeth over the last month. 

(+) This.  And this. And also this

(+) European bathtubs. These are too good. Skylights, wherever you're soaking pre-shower, should be mandatory. Also, got a sweet sandal tan line in Berlin. 

(-) When people don't respond to your messages despite them clearly being online. This means you AirBnB hosts, though, the rule should apply to EVERYBODY. Rudeeeeee. 

(+) While Basti was showing me around, he introduced me to Club-Mate. It's a tea derived from the Yerba-tea-plant in South America. It comes in a big glass bottle and I've gulped 3 of them while I've been here for 4 days. Apparently, it's a very 'Berlin thing' to enjoy a Club-Mate at the park or with your doner kebab. Whatever the case, it's pretty delicious, though he told me you either hate it or love it. I love the price tag and the taste, ya dig? 

(-/+) What was going to be a 2-month trip is now a 1-month trip because I made the decision right before leaving for London that I wanted to spend my 'travel time' other places and with certain people. So. On one hand, so exciting I can't wait for August!!! On the other hand, time needs to slow a bit so that I can keep enjoying this European return adventure. A mixed bag, but I feel super lucky either way I look at it.  

(+) The weather. Everywhere I've gone it's been predicted to rain. As soon as I left London, however, Berlin reached nearly 90F and Amsterdam tonight {my first night here} is overcast but nearly 80F. Basically, the universe is taking care of me. Extra grateful for that given I have somehow lost my voice, caught a cold, and have an out-of-nowhere back ache? Sunny weather does make it more enjoyable for my hosts to show me around. 

(+) Finally, local hosts. Such an upside to travelling. Getting to see cities through the eyes of those who live there is such a gift. After touring Berling with Basti, I am now in Amsterdam where I'll get to see my friend, Kees. 

Until next week, guys! 

good bye Lenin: why I went to Germany again

good bye Lenin: why I went to Germany again

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