hotel highlight: Hotel Beltran de Santa Cruz in Havana, Cuba

When it comes to accommodation, I tend to shy away from hotels for a number of reasons. 1) I typically hate a chain {of anything}. 2) I like to stay in unique environments with quirky offerings {boutique hotels would be the exception to this} 3) I enjoy staying in AirBnBs for the chance to either meet locals and get the inside scoop and to see what "home" looks like in a different country. 

So, when I got the offer to stay with Hotel Beltran de Santa Cruz, I was excited, but also worried. What if I didn't like it and I was still responsible for writing a review? 

Luckily, I did like it! 


I walked in through giant wooden doors, decorated with intricate carvings, into a sunlit courtyard where the receptionist informed me my breakfast would be served. The breakfast is included in the price of your stay and includes a bread basket, fresh fruit juice, coffee, eggs to order, ham, and cheeses. This is the standard Cuban breakfast you will find just about everywhere, but the portions at Hotel Beltran are massive. 

There is WiFi available for purchase by the hour. You buy a card at the reception desk and can use it to hook up your devices to {somewhat decent} internet from the comfort of your room. Remember, this is a luxury in Cuba and you'll not find it in a casa particular or other homestay environments. 


The location of the hotel was ideal for anyone looking to be in the heart of Old Havana. Leaving the hotel, to your right you see an alley lined with posh cafes, bars, and full restaurants. Walk 50 steps and you're in the main plaza. If you turn left upon leaving the hotel, you'll be greeted by bicycle taxis on cobblestone streets that can take you around the city or you may walk two blocks and catch a classic car! 


Each room offers different views and they each have varying looks. My room, #2, had a box television with an English speaking channel that played scary movies. The bathroom was "standard hotel." I will say my bed was alarmingly squeaky. The metal frame sort of swung every time I went to lay down and it made the craziest noises everytime I turned over on my side, etc. Probably just a fluke, but, ya know, for the sake of being honest.  

Rooms at Hotel Beltran de Santa Cruz start at £121 . You can book yours here.  Thanks to the hotel staff for the comfortable stay!