what to see + do South of the River Thames

Southbank {the area south of the River Thames} gets a bad rap. And, compared to the Northside of London, I get it. North of the river you have classics like Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park, Camden Town's alt scene, dreamy Notting Hill, cafes and musicals dotted across Soho, and the epitome of British sophistication that is Kensington and Chelsea. But don't count Southbank out! I'm a fan of the underdog, even if it can't quite compare. 

There is still plenty to see and do on the other side of the Thames. 

Food trucks and snack stalls //

Along the Southside of the river, you'll find food trucks galore! SNOG's Frozen Yogurt will satisfy your sweet tooth and Wahaca's taco truck the perfect food to eat while you wander. 

Borough Market //

This market offers fresh produce and cheeses, hot curries, fantastic Thai food, and artisan coffee. It's a market not to be missed, and there are many in London markets, so that says something! 

Southbank Center Book Market //

I love a beautiful library or a speciality bookstore, so when I was walking along the riverbank and found the Southbank Center Book Market under the bridge, I couldn't help but get excited! The book market is reasonably priced and the collection itself is eclectic. There isn't much in terms of organization, but I find that better-- stumbling upon an unexpected read in a pile of random paperbacks! Hot tip: cash is the preferred form of payment! 

Tate Modern //

I like a good museum, though they are rarely at the top of my bucket list. The Southbank offers up the Tate Modern for those modern art lovers. It's free of charge, so you really have nothing to lose. I went with a mate of mine to beat a typical London afternoon shower and we mostly just enjoyed the people watching. 


Shakespeare's Globe Theatre //

If you're not feeling cultured enough having trampsed through the Tate, you can always double-down and catch a play at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. I like to note that this is theatre is a reconstruction of the original which was destroyed in a fire. 


The southern bank of the Thames really does have more than the London Eye to offer {though that's there too}. Anyone who's in London for any extended period of time should experience both sides of the Thames. Because both offer delights!