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life lately: 11

life lately: 11

Hey, guys!

It's been a minute since I posted one of these bad boys, aye? So, let's just get stuck in. 

I'm no longer in London, but I will be heading to Asia later this month, starting work {tentatively} in mid/late September in China. I'm excited to be back over in my wild and beloved Asia. Fingers crossed for a {somewhat} smooth visa process, guys. I'm gonna need it! The trenches of visa warfare get deeper and muddier with each day and I feel a bit like I'm running laps. But, like everything good in life, it's worth the effort. 

Here's what's been up in my life lately...and it's mostly just ups (+)!

(+) I'm finishing my Yoga Instructor Certification Course! Soon enough, I'll be certified to teach yoga internationally. I'm pretty proud that I've finally decided to finish something I'd thought about for ages. Taking chances on things I'm passionate about is a running theme in my life it would seem, and my yoga certification has given me such a pool of knowledge about something that I've absolutely loved adding into my daily life. 

(+) I have been slowly trying to make the switch to products that are made by companies with a more global outlook. As a traveller, I know I leave my fair share of damage on the environment, and it kind of kills me thinking about it. If I can attempt to make up for it in little ways, I want to. When Nectar reached out to me about their Charleston summer launch party, I was bummed that I couldn't make it {although, I'd be en route to not totally disheartened}. The company appreciates those with an adventurous spirit {raises hand} while simultaneously appreciating a budget! So what does Nectar do to make the world a better place? A portion of every sale goes towards saving the planet's bees. 

(+) Rocksbox extended our partnership and my status as a #RocksboxItGirl {whoop, whoop!}. I don't need to plug it again, but I will because I've gotten some outrageously outta my budget jewellery thanks to this sweet company {that lets you recycle your packaging!}. Use my code 'sillylittletaraxoxo' for a FREE month of jewellery! Do it, guys. It's FREE.  

(+) I took a temporary job for a few weeks while I'm back. It's a very quick deal, but I'm really excited it worked out. I sent my resume from the Belfast airport on a layover and received a call upon landing in Rhode Island that I had an interview the day I arrived back in South Carolina. It's nice to have a little extra income, not that I need another thing to keep me busy {shakes head at herself in the mirror, will never learn}. 

(+) I've been listening to this on a serious binge. 

(+/-) I am currently beginning to draft my birthday state of the union annual essay, and I just keep scrapping it. Where did this year go? How do I feel about turning one year more myself? Will I morph into an effortlessly chic French woman in the next 365 days? So many questions, almost zero answers. Stay tuned for the post, I suppose. 

(-) VISAS. 

(+) FREE carriage rides are a thing in South Carolina during the summer. So guess what I'm doing this Thursday?! Not about to wear glass slippers though.

(-) Short hair means a new hair-washing schedule. Which, if you know me, is a massive upheaval in my routine. 

(+) Skypes with friends always make the list of ups, but they are the most up of all the ups, ya know what I mean? I've gotten in a few this week and that feels like a win considering how busy life gets. Throw in time differences and you could definitely call quality time via Skype with loved ones a victory. 

(+) I had window seats the entire way back from London. Yeah, all 3 flights. I also had the entire row of seats to myself on 2 of 3 flights. 

Have a good week, guys! And my condolences to those with visa woes... 

visiting Kingston's telephone boxes

visiting Kingston's telephone boxes

giving back, not looking back

giving back, not looking back