the truth about Little Venice

I was told about Little Venice on my trip to London last summer, but time went by so quickly that we never had the chance to visit. The good thing about having a little over a month in a destination: you have multiple chances to visit. 

Here's the truth about Little Venice: it looks a lot more like Amsterdam than Venice. I mean, I get it. There are canal boats on water and tiny bridges that run across them. But...calling it Little Venice is a much larger stretch than calling it Little Amsterdam, ya know? And anyone who has seen Venice and Amsterdam will probably {maybe, hopefully} agree with me. 

Regardless of the name, it's beautiful. It was a sunny day, which has been a total anomaly this summer. Bailey and I roamed around talking about our previous European adventures {together and separate} and also, obviously, running.

The truth about Little Venice boils down to two points: 1) it's beautiful, so you should stop by and 2) it needs a more accurate name.