how to spend a rainy day in Windsor

This summer, I've experienced the most traditional elusive British summer. As a veteran of U.K. summers, I think I packed a bit optimistically, but hey, can you blame a girl for being eternally positive? Part of being hopelessly 'glass-half-full' means exploring even in dreary weather. Which, for someone who likes the rain is really not such a massive problem. 

After an {almost} tearful goodbye with Bailey at the train station, she messaged me and asked if I wanted to meet up with her, her cousin, and her Aunt Amy in Windsor. It had been years since I'd seen the castle, and I'm always up for a change of scenery. So, naturally, I hopped on the first train out the next morning. 

We arrived just in time to see the changing of the guard. We stood in line for a solid 15 minutes before purchasing our tickets. I'd like to thank Bailey and her generous family for purchasing my ticket. It was unnecessary, unexpected, and incredibly kind of them to not only let me tag along on their time together but to also fund it. I'm really lucky. 

Here's how we spent a lovely {albeit rainy} day in Windsor!

Catch the train //

The easiest way to get to Windsor from most places is via train. There are three stations in Windsor: Windsor + Eton Riverside, Windsor + Eton Central, and Datchet. From Waterloo Station in London Off-Peak Return tickets will run you £12 and takes 1 hour. 

Visit Windsor Castle //

Tickets to visit the Queen's humble abode are steep {£20.50}! Like I said, the Catron family and Bailey surprised me by paying for my ticket, which was unbelievably sweet. If it's your first visit to England and/or Windsor, I think the ticket is absolutely worth the cost. You cannot take photos inside the castle. Trust me, guys, it is everything you want an English castle to be on the inside. Delicate china, ornate jewels, historic portraits of the royalty that has resided there-- it an all be found inside the stone walls of Windsor. Bonus: being indoors means being out of the rain! 

Take a cheesy photo with the guards //

Oh, guys. I hate cheesy tourist photos. But something about wandering around the place with Bailey on her debut trip to England made me feel extra spirited. The guard stomped right before this photo was taken, so I was a bit 'shy', I mean 'terrified.'  

Seek shelter at Two Brewers and grab a pint //

Two Brewers is one of Windsor's oldest pubs on one of the town's oldest streets. The establishment itself is nearly 300-years old. The food is a bit pricey, but it is some of the best food I've found in any pub across England. And, guys, I've been to my fair share of English pubs. Portion sizes are large and service was superb. I had the Vegetarian Chilli Penne Pasta with Garlic Ciabatta bread. I ate until I was miserably full. I washed it down with a half-pint of Doomsbar because I'm a lightweight, but I'm also in England and no matter how bad British beer gotta do like the locals do, right?

Once again, massive thanks are due to Aunt Amy who paid for our "lady's lunch" tab. 

Windsor is a great day trip from London. Rain or shine, you'll have a good time if you approach it with a happy attitude!