Hyde Park hangout

After a sleepover in Surbiton, which included a bunch of videos being taken of me spotting a family of FOXES, Bailey and I headed back into the city to cross a few last things off her London bucket list! 

One of the items on said list was seeing Hyde Park. Hanging out with an old friend barefoot in grass while surrounded by green fields and sunshine? Yeah, count me in. 

I've strolled through Hyde Park countless times in the last month {and it has been officially a month away from the U.S.A today!}, and I always end up listening to a podcast, humming along to my iPod, or writing.

But not this time.

This time, I was with a friend and we had a picnic and the only soundtrack was me screaming as pigeons swooped and our conversation. Our conversation was, as usual, varied in depth. We kicked off our shoes and dug in. As someone who values close relationships with the people she loves, nothing ever seems to be off limits with me really-- men, China, family, mindfulness, Brazilian waxes, babies, running...

...we talked about it all over a shared picnic in the park.

It was refreshing to work on evening out the tan I acquired in Berlin while listening to the voice of a familiar human being instead of the lilting of my own thoughts. 

As we cleaned up our rubbish, my takeaway was this: the more chaotic life gets, the more I crave simplicity. Simple like bare feet on grass in a park. In London. 

I have so much going on in my world at the moment. It feels like I always have a million moving pieces on the chess board, but lately it's felt more that way than I can even described. I'm authenticating my documents for my move to China, finishing a Yoga Instructor Certification I decided to enroll in, completing the last hours of my internship, and planning the rest of this years' travels. Also, I have 12,000 words due on the 4th of August and about 3,000 of them written. It's not stress I feel, it's just constant movement. Physical and mental. 

It has been such a sweet and simple surprise, my unplanned time with Bailey. That time has been made up of simple treasures like a few hours in a park. Unwinding and reminiscing. Indulging in nostalgia and processing the present. And laughing a whole freakin' lot. 

It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.
— Paulo Coelho


Street address: London W2 2U

Cost of admission: Free

Nearest tube station: Marble Arch Station {Central line}, Knightsbridge Station {Piccadilly line}, Hyde Park Corner {Piccadilly line}or Lancaster Gate Station {Central line}